Thursday, 17 February 2011

Choclicious House of Chocolates, Gold Coast, Australia

Squished into an oddly shaped shop lot and off the main drag in a laneway leading to the carpark between Myer and Kmart at Pac Fair, you might wonder how Choclicious stays in business. But then... you taste their handmade chocolates and soon see why the place is still open. Cappuccino Cup, Champagne Truffle, Pecan Pie, Red Heart and Wild Passionfruit are my top picks. However at $2.00 or more a piece you won't be having too many. Good quality chocolate though is more satisfying right, so you should only need one or two?

Choclicious House of Chocolates
Shop 198-200
Pacific Fair Shopping Centre
Hooker Blvd
Broadbeach 4218
Gold Coast

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