Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gemersik Selera Buffet, The Mill, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Gemersik Selera, Ramadhan Buffet, Mill Café, Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur by Polly Szantor

Recently, I was able to relish of some of the treats in store for Buka Puasa diners at the Grand Millennium during the holy month of Ramadhan.  Gemersik Selera, or Melody of Flavours, is the hotels signature dinner buffet bringing together a medley of the finest recipes from the Middle East, India and Malaysia.  For me, there were several outstanding dishes, but the very best of them all was the succulent, tender Roast Lamb accompanied by Rosemary Hollandaise and Mint Sauce.  I’m very fond of roast meat, but rarely cook it at home, so it’s always highly satisfying to find it well executed at a restaurant.  The press release for this Ramadhan Buffet mentions the “famous oven-roasted whole lamb”, and the accolade is entirely justified.  This is one of Chef Markhan Singh’s special dishes, which he cooks to perfection.  Without a doubt, this is the best lamb I’ve tasted at the Ramadhan Buffet previews I’ve been to recently, a true masterpiece that I’d be very happy to try again.

I also found the Lamb Kofta Curry distinctive and worthy of a second helping.   I loved the tender kofta meatballs and the spicy tomato curry sauce.  It was especially good served with Naan Bread to mop up the thick, rich juices.   Chef Markhan is generously willing to share his recipe too.  “I made the lamb kofta into meatballs in order to absorb the curry like a sponge, therefore the meatballs are juicy and soft. I marinated the meatballs with some masala, salt, cumin, garlic and yogurt. As for the curry, I kept the curry base simple with ginger, garlic and tomatoes but I added yogurt and chilli padi to spice it up a little.”  Mmm!  Definitely recommended.

You will find all the buka puasa favourites here.  Sup Ekor (oxtail soup), Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak (Catfish in fermented durian sauce, which was rather strong for me but which was pleasing to several local guests), Ayam Percik (spicy marinated chicken), a very tasty Rendang Udang Berkerisik (shrimp in a fairly dry coconut-based sauce) and a pleasant Sayur Lodeh (vegetables in coconut milk with fresh ginger and turmeric).  There were several fried items including a lovely chicken tika, morsels of marinated chicken breast perfectly fried to maintain tenderness, squid and Burung Puyuh (quail).

Keropok, papadam and pickled fruit accompanied the main dishes and there were several salads: Kerabu Perut (marinated tripe, beansprouts and ginger flowers), Kerabu Manga Muda (sour mango salad), and Kerabu Jantung Pisang (banana flower salad).  Desserts included Pisang Goreng, Sukun Goreng and Cempedak Goreng, various deep-fried fruits, which were all nice and crispy, Pengat Nangka (jackfruit in coconut milk), Semolina Milk Pudding, Tab Tim Grob, and a delicious Mango Cheese Cake.

This is only a small sample of delights in store for diners during Ramadhan.  In addition there will be Indian Tandoori, Japanese Sushi and Maki Roll, Pizza, Pasta and wide selections of desserts.

Reason to Visit:  I would definitely return for the fabulous roast lamb and lamb kofta curry.

This Ramadan buffet is priced at RM 98 ++ per person.  There is an Early Bird Special for bookings made before 20th July at RM 72++ per person. To purchase the required prepaid vouchers for the Early Bird special, or for more information, please call (603) 2177-4888 of fax (603) 2142-1441

A surau is available on the third floor for guests who wish to perform their Maghrib prayers.

Mill Café

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur 
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2117 4302


  1. I went to this hotel for conference..
    food there is good..

  2. The food is pretty tasty for sure, and there's something for everyone!

  3. Next to Pavilion? Now, you had a post on this in her blog the other day... Too expensive for me, I'm afraid. :(

    1. Oops!!! I mean...who had a post... Sorry!

    2. Yes, this hotel is next to The Pavilion, but I'm not sure which post you mean. This is the first time I've eaten at the Grand Millennium, and my first review of their buffet restaurant. I entirely understand about the price, but maybe it could work for a special occasion?

  4. Nice write up Polly. Hubby still "mmmms" thinking about the lamb. :-)

  5. Yes, me really was totally delicious!