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Serena Brasserie, Intercontinental, Buka Puasa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

InterContinental Berbuka Puasa 1 Malaysia by Sam Gibbs
Serena Brasserie Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Serena Brasserie InterContinental
Stepping from the well appointed lobby of the InterContinental Hotel into the Serrena Brasserie is certainly an experience to behold. The Serena, whilst thronging with hungry clients busily creating their meals from a galaxy of offerings, still presents a calming and inviting environment to break fast.  From the sound of the waterfall on the terrace, to the brightly colored fish meandering through the pond inside the dining area, all make for a pleasing ambience that adds to the novelty of your Berbuka Puasa dining adventure. And what an adventure it is!
The Sushi and Fresh Seafood Bar.
One must pause a moment to take stock of the tremendous array of food on offer. Creatively and enticingly laid out before you is a fabulous selection of culinary achievements that represent not only the traditional dishes of the Malaysian culture, but an impressive fusion of Western, Mediterranean, Japanese and even Middle Eastern offerings. 
As an almost religious follower of Sushi I started with delicate slithers of Tuna and Butterfish  washed down with fresh Oysters.  I then moved on to test some of the Mediterranean flavors sampling delicious black olives the Beef medallions with Rosemary sauce and Ratatouille.  Also of note was the pasta bar serving several varieties of spaghetti and sauces all prepared on the spot.
Marinated Satay
Not dwelling too long in Europe I stepped across to Asia and began my odyssey of amazing dishes from closer to home starting with the Murtabak and its accompanying thick Dahl and spicy curry sauce.  This was being prepared in the outdoor servery area that is set up like festive outdoor makan malam food stalls. Whilst here I also sampled the hedonistic Teppenyaki, marinated Satay and one of my recommendations, the deep fried Sweet Potato enshrouded in a crispy delicate batter from the Goreng Goreng stall. One will also find whole roast lamb complimented with an array of condiments and gravies, plus the open grill serving a variety of fresh fish and seafood.
Buka Puasa Festive Ambience
Inside, situated in a special area dedicated to specialties from various regions of Malaysia, were a series of inviting dishes. On offer was a delectable Lamb Rendang made with a rich, slightly sweet and spicy saucy that was simply amazing, Lamb Kurma, Sweet and Sour Prawns and a fabulous Bryani. In addition I had to sample the delicious Wok Fried Mussels with Kam Heong  Sauce.  
Dessert Heaven
Having done as much as any human could manage with the savory dishes, a final lap was reserved for the magnificent array of desserts.  Here the pastry chefs have gone into overdrive and delivered a heavenly selection of almost every conceivable delicacy imaginable. I got stuck on the explosive lemon meringue tarts whilst not leaving behind the mouthwatering apple crumble and bread and butter pudding.  Also on offer was a comprehensive array of traditional desserts that included the beautifully prepared Kuih and of course the ubiquitous ABC from the  Ice Kajang stall situated outside.
During the course of this extensive gastronomic adventure I was able to meet some of the people behind the scenes responsible for orchestrating this feast.  Zoe Chaplin of Marketing & Communications and a matsaleh veteran of Malaysia  informed me that InterContinental thrives on co-joining expertise from abroad with local talent. My impressions were well supported whilst later discussing the future aspirations of the InterContinental’s dining services with newly appointed executive chef Darrel O’Neill. Darrel has extensive experience worldwide citing the Maldives, Dubai, India and Australia as some of the countries he has worked in. His aspiration for the InterContinental is clear in that it is proposed to fully renovate the dining experience and in doing so maintain the InterContinental at the cutting edge of hoteliery in SE Asia.  Judging by the sense of focus and commitment demonstrated in not only the culinary effort on show  at the Serena  Brasserie, but also with the local and international staff I met during my visit, I happily conclude  that dining at the InterContinental is an experience well worth embarking on both now and in future.

Reason to visit: Experience the exciting Buka Puasa ambience delivered with flair and style.

Cost  1st  and 4th week of Ramadhan RM99 ++
          2nd and 3rd week of Ramadhan  RM115++

InterContinental Kuala Lumpur
165 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Reservations Ph. 603 2161 1111


  1. Oh, the former Hotek Nikko. Looks real classy... Wah, gets more expensive as Raya draws near. Any upgrading in the food or not?

    1. Apparently the BP is so popular here that they have to make extra dining space available during week 2 and 3. I think the small extra fee is on par with most of the high end restaurants catering for the fasting season.