Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Day Out in Subang, Malaysia

A Day Out in Subang, by Caning Jaramillo

Last weekend started very well with a cordial invitation by some blogger friends to visit Subang for a day out. Excited to see what our local buddies would do for an entire afternoon we jumped on the opportunity to join the gang. It's rare that we venture to that side of the city as our aversion to traffic keeps us traveling only in off peak hours where possible or confined to the city centre. Being a long weekend though, the Friday public holiday left the roads open for exploit.

Subang First Mall, Urbane Bazaar, cafe, coffee, latte art, espresso

Our first meeting place was Coffee Chemistry on the ground floor of Subang First Mall. Self proclaimed foam artists, the staff here are whizzes at dazzling guests with their latte art designs. The barista team charmed our group with dolphins, seals, puppy, leaves, peacocks and patterns. The show stopper of the day though was 3D cappuccino art! Making use of the extra frothiness in the foam, peaks are formed to bring your beverage to life - no lenses needed, it really is three dimensional. They don't make a bad brew either. A secret blend of beans from Graffeo Premium Coffee is organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified and, produces a rich body with a smooth long lasting finish. 

Subang First Mall, Urbane Bazaar, Coffee, Cafe, espresso, best coffee, latte art

Coffee Chemistry, won't let you go hungry either. Dining with a larger group we were able to try lots of finger foods. Ideal for sharing are the items from their snack menu. Thick slices of baguette with various toppings such as tuna, salmon and mushrooms were all round pleasers. Some thought the bread slices too thick, while others enjoyed the extra indulgence. The Teriyaki Marinated Skewers were quick to disappear as were the Miniature Beef Bacon Hand Rolls too. After four cups of coffee (!) I was feeling as though I could break Usain Bolt's record in the 100 meters so was ready to move on to our next location, the Urbane Bazaar. 

Subang First Mall, Urbane Bazaar, Subang Jaya, Market, jewelry, crafts

This cute bazaar is on the same floor and runs once a month. The bazaar is accessory heavy with bags, jewelry and female clothing dominating the stalls. I wandered a small gadgets section and my sweetie picked up a useful business card holder featuring a mirror on the back, simple design on the front and a matching keyring. She also found some handmade earrings and took home a bunch to put in her gift draw (although, I wonder why I see her sporting some of the 'gifts' this week - maybe she's trying them out to make sure they are good enough to give? ;-) )

While I was entertained looking for cool gadgets, my dear wife took the option of an express pedicure at The Love Nail on the floor above with some of the girls. Such quick results of barbie pink toenails in less than 20 minutes has never happened before - so I'm liking the Love Nail already. Filling in time before another afternoon treat, a few of the gang managed to squeeze in a 30 minute Guasa Back Massage at SkinZenze on the same level. Guasa massage scrapes the body with a guasa board and is known to be quite painful but also a form of Chinese medicine that is supposed to be very healing. Again my wife couldn't resist and was one of the first in to try the experience. Being a regular partaker in massage, she didn't find it too painful, or perhaps they just went easy on her as a foreigner. She was a little calmer after the session and reported excellent therapist technique so it was a good outcome for all. 

Subang First Mall, Urbane Bazaar, Subang Jaya, Market, jewelry, crafts

Subang First Mall, Urbane Bazaar, Subang Jaya, Market, jewelry, crafts

Our visit to Subang First Mall finished by indulging our sweet cravings at Sherlyn's Little Dream. This lovely kiosk features all home made desserts by the owner who also serves at the store. We were surprised to find such quality home baked goods in a mall and devoured a slice of Oreo Cheesecake and a hot sticky Brownie. A few of our friends even bought more to take home to share with their families. 

The Summit Mall, Subang Jaya, Indonesian,

Time at Subang First Mall may have expired, but for our Malaysian pals that didn't mean our day had yet ended. Heading to another mall just a few blocks away,The Summit, we had the chance to taste classic Indonesian cuisine at Ayam Penyet Ria, a family business specializing in Indonesian food. This is not a restaurant that we would ever have come across on our own so we were very grateful for the guidance again of our local foodie friends as we sampled our way through the menu. The dishes that grabbed my attention were: a tasty Beef Rendang, a little milder and moister than the Malay Version and; the specialty of the house the Ayam Penyet, literally chicken smashed, marinated in their own secret recipe of herbs and spices. My sweetie loved the Gado Gado with its sweet peanut sauce and the smashed prawns and extra spicy sambal were hits with our friends. Sets range from RM11.50 – RM16.90 including a main penyet, nasi putih (white rice), mini sup (small soup), mini keropok (fish crackers) and buah (fruit). 

Thank you to our lovely companions, Jenn and Sidney, who again showed us another side of Malaysia we would not have discovered on our own.

Coffee Chemistry Signature
Ground Floor, G22 and G23, First Subang Mall (SSI5)
Telephone: 012 2911991

Urbane Bazar Shopping Time
Ground Floor, First Subang Mall
Contacts: Tammy 012 2964148 or Ashley 012 6566561 

The Love Nail,
First Floor, Lot K-03, First Subang Mall 
Telephone: 019 3867088

First Floor, Lot 1-29 and Lot 1-30, First Subang Mall
Telephone: 03 56118606

Sherlyn's Little Dream
Lower Floor, K-01,  Floor Kiosk, First Subang Mall
Telephone: 010 2256428

Ayam Penyet Ria
Lower Ground, LG37 and LG39B, The Summit USJ (Beside Mc Donald's)
Telephone: 010 2204966


  1. The 3D cappuccino looks cute! I would love to try that. :)

    1. Yes! A bit of a change to the usual latte art.

  2. It was certainly a fun day! Glad you & hubby had a great time.... I was definately stuffed and pampered to the max!

  3. Ahhh!!!! Coffee Chemistry! Myfriend's place...but I've never been there. Ooooo...everything looks so good! Yum! Yum! Must stay around Subang, my next trip over to the peninsula.

    1. If we had have known we would have demanded 'special' treatment - hee hee!

  4. I love their food and coffee but a few times, my coffee came without any coffee art.
    It made me wonder whether I need to ask for it or what...

    1. Mmm... interesting - is that like the famous paintings that are just blank canvases?? :-)

  5. a major feast! there are still many suburbs in the klang valley to visit, and i guess you can take them one weekend at a time :D

    1. You're right - so many unexplored eating possibilities! :-)

  6. That's quite an excursion and great post Canning.. hope you write many more, coz we enjoyed reading it! It's so funny how you say the best thing about that manicure joint was that it took only 20 minutes.. ROFLMAO!! :P

  7. Interesting one whole day of things to do and places to visit. And its only Subang!