Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Baan Rim Pa Restaurant Group, Phuket, Thailand

Sundays With Chef Peter....
The Baan Rim Pa Restaurant Group, Phuket, Thailand

Happy Sunday to you all Daahlings.... Hope your week was fabulous and finished on a high!

It's been a fantastic week here in Phuket, sunny and hot baby! Fabulous, especially if you’re escaping cold winters elsewhere!

This week a restaurant review as I finally after many cancellations on both sides got a chance to catch up with an old friend of mine Sue, who also happens to be the marketing guru for one of the most successful and in my opinion one of the best located restaurant groups on the island, Baan Rim Paa.

There is also a personal reason for my wanting to review the Baan Rim Pa group, not only because the three restaurants Baan Rim Pa, Joes Downstairs and Da Maurizio which make up group are good, but also because of Tom McManara, the man behind Baan Rim Pa and one of the first good friends I met on my arrival in Phuket. Tom sadly passed away from cancer a few years ago but he was a wonderful man with one of those rich personalities you don't find often these days, always pleased to see you with plenty of good stories and more than anything a great lover of the good things in life especially food and drink which was both his passion and business. Thank you to Tom and his family for their friendship over the years.

Back to the day in hand, as Sue was treating me for lunch I thought it a great opportunity to speak to her about the restaurants, have some good food and snap a few shots on this perfect summer’s day and here I am sharing it with you.

The group's three restaurants, Baan Rim Pa which is Royal Thai Cuisine, Joe’s Downstairs, New World Cuisine and Da Maurizio, Contemporary Italian are perched together just above the rocks of the Kalim Beach shoreline just a little way from Patong with spectacular, panoramic views from Patong Beach to Kalim Bay. Connected by a seaside scenic wooden staircase each is unique in its own style, cuisine and ambience. Easy to find and if you do have a problem most people will know. It’s not the easiest place to find a parking space especially if the restaurants are busy but worth the trouble and anyway, if you’re making a night of it, take a taxi dahlings!

As I sort of dropped it on Sue that I would like to review Joe's last minute I let her order, no problem for Sue who knows these three restaurants inside out after her decade or more here and has entertained far more esteemed reviewers than little ole me! Also with award winning Chef Aaron Hooper in the kitchen, another good friend of mine and master chef (but not like one of those off the telly), we knew that the food was going to be good!

We decided on such a lovely day, wine would compliment perfectly, the group’s wine cellar is pretty impressive with wines from around the globe and a few good awards too! We chose an Australian Sauvignon Blanc which was perfectly chilled, fruity and light, such a great start! The food followed shortly and Sue had chosen a selection of light dishes which we would share.

Premium Jumbo Crab Cakes, which were excellent with large moist flaky pieces of blue crab atop a salad of Haas avocado salad with sharp lemon vinaigrette, I could have happily eaten two!

Peking duck rolls with Tamarind/Dijon Mustard Dipping Sauce, not bad and the sauce was great but would have been even better with a little more duck.

White snapper and leek tempura with citrus soy syrup which was really delicious, I loved the combination of the crisp texture of the leek with the succulent snapper dipped in the sauce, it just melted in my mouth. Also a nice large bowl of simple fresh crisp salad to go with everything was plenty for a lunch.

Joe’s also has a special board where Chef Aaron creates unique dishes and Joe’s always has an excellent selection of local and imported fish and even the burger is worth a mention.

We finished with a couple of espressos as we both had work to return to but to be honest I could have happily enjoyed the rest of the day enjoying the view with a few more glasses of wine! Alas daahlings not to be... but if you’re on holiday and it’s too hot for the beach then this is well recommended

Just need to add that when I returned ‘home’ my expat resident friends, who I always stay with, in Phuket told me that their fave place on the island by far is Da Maurizio. They have lived here for 10 years plus and are blown away by the food and settings of all the Baan Rim Pa group sites. They save these restaurants for their special occasions due to mid to high price range and agree with me that any of Baan Rim Pa group is worth a visit.

So till the next time as they say at the Baan Rim Pa restaurants… Sawadee Krup, See ya and Ciao! Have a great Sunday and upcoming week!

Reason to visit: Wonderful location, great food and service. A must visit while in Phuket!
Downside: Pricey and at times difficult to find somewhere to park.

Food Prices: Med-High Range
Appetizers from 295 Baht ++
Main Courses from 595 ++

The Restaurants Address
223 Prabaramee Road,
Patong Beach,

Phuket 83150,

Head Office
P: 076-618235-8
F: 076-618239

Baan Rim Pa Restaurant
P: 076-340789
F: 076-618239

Da Maurizio Bar Ristorante
P: 076-344079
F: 076-290147

Joe's Downstairs
P: 076-618245
F: 076-618239


  1. Crab cakes! Hmmm...would love to try those. Maybe I can make some myself one of these days...

  2. join me any time..............
    Worth the visit.... ;-))

  3. Please send some of that lovely weather over to KL. Nice pics babe. xox

  4. OMG, those crab cakes kill! I could easily devour them in seconds. Yummy!