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Amadeus Bistro, Sunday Bubbly Brunch, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Amadeus Bistro, European, KL, Sunday Brunch, affordable
Free Flow Prosecco
Amadeus Bistro, European, KL, Sunday Brunch, affordable
Minestrone Soup
Amadeus Bistro, European, KL, Sunday Brunch, affordable
Salmon and steamed veggies
Amadeus Bistro, European, KL, Sunday Brunch, affordable
Amadeus Bistro, European, KL, Sunday Brunch, affordable
Beef Wellington
Amadeus Bistro and Wine Bar, Sunday Bubbly Brunch
Words by Sam Gibbs
Photos by James Hipkiss

Sunday means so many things to us all. Whether lounging in bed with a good book and hot cuppa, maybe greeting the morning with exercise and a brisk walk or taking the kids to the movies. It’s a special day that should not be wasted. With that said it was on just such a Sunday I found myself installed at the Amadeus Bistro and Wine Bar situated on the first floor of the Life Centre opposite their nemesis KFC HQ on Jalan Sultan Ismail.
As a veteran of the Australian Sunday brunch tradition I must confess that the proposition of doing the same in downtown KL had me recalling those pleasant experiences with friends, good food, wine and conversation. 
Amadeus has indeed captured that sensation for me and it all started off nicely with offerings of delicious and refreshing chilled Ruffino Prosecco from Italy. This amazing wine conjures all that embraces the Tuscan summer and pleasant days dining al fresco under a verdant pergola. One glass… two glasses maybe more….with the free flow offering during this Sunday brunch experience it matters not, the waiter was never too far from view. 
Amadeus Bistro, European, KL, Sunday Brunch, affordable
A mix from the salad bar
Moving onto the meal one is presented with a small buffet of breads, salads and vegetables. A choice of three mains, including salmon, beef and lamb, are ordered a la carte. I gleefully tucked into well roasted slithers of lamb complete with rich gravy and roast vegetables. The meal is ended with a petite smorgasbord of goodies, this time round sweets in the form of European style pastries.

For the discerning gourmand and lovers of hearty cuisine, Amadeus Bistro and Wine Bar offers too an a la carte menu, with European classics such as Wolfgang's Bratwurst and Smash, Zoran Homestyle Beef Goulash, Moroccan Sizzling Stew and Mancini's Turkey Schnitzel Parmigiana. For the trying also are the more contemporary European dishes on the menu such as Gustav's Cured Norwegian Salmon, Springriver's Duck Terrine, Carlos' Secret Lamb Rack and Schmikel's Duck Confit as you enjoy the mild and soothings sounds of classical or contemporary European music. 
I had the opportunity to discuss Amadeus Bistro and Wine Bar with owner Dina Djumic and Executive Chef Bobby Shah. From our conversation it became clear that they look toward the expatriate inhabitants of KL city centre and locals alike who would find a short stroll to the life centre not too life threatening. Maybe nursing a hangover, perhaps in need of a pleasant ambience to re-kindle a romance, or just plain hungry for some good ole Sunday tucker with booze, Amadeus owner and chef have you in mind. 
Amadeus is a pleasant setting with an open dining area and slate floor. The ambience is simple yet pleasing and one feels perfectly at home whiling away the hours with friends or family over good food and wine.

The prices are very reasonable and the Sunday brunch will cost you just RM35 ++ for the lunch alone and RM85++ with 2 hours of free flow wine or Prosecco. The bubbly brunch is available from 1pm to 4pm Sundays.

Amadeus Bistro, European, KL, Sunday Brunch, affordable
Live Entertainment
Reason to visit: Most affordable bubbly brunch in KL.

Amadeus Bistro and Wine Bar
M-03 Life Centre
20 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2162 2788


  1. The Beef Wellington looks a mess, but the rest is great. Love the addition of brocolli, my favourite vege!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. i was hoping to see some croatian dishes. big hi to dina :)

  3. The lamb and the beef look very good.


  4. Awesome write up.. making me miss the kiddo's fine music as well as the super tasty salmon! :D

  5. The beef Wellington looks like quite different ~