Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Buffet, The Mill, Grand Millennium KL

by Kristin Cosgrove

A wide range of holiday favorites at The Mill.
With a preorder, your turkey can look this nice too!
The star of the evening.  Signature Chocolate Yule Log.

Even the enormous Christmas tree can't compare
with the spectacular chandelier in the lobby.
Sea Bass in cream sauce
As a child, Christmas mornings were spent opening gifts and noshing on a thick slice of ooey-gooey cream cheese danish.  The scent of fresh coffee and hot cocoa hung in the air, mixing with the tang from the oranges in our stockings.  Soon the smell of the roasting turkey would take over, teasing us until the evening feast.  For me, Christmas just isn’t the same without the traditional foods that defined my childhood holiday celebrations.

This year, I’ll be making more of an effort to recreate the tastes of home and thankfully, doing it won’t even require me to turn on an oven thanks to the Grand Millenium Hotel.  Last week, I had the opportunity to preview the Christmas buffet at The Mill Café, the hotel’s all-day dining outlet. Available 24, 25th and 31 December as well as 1st January, the buffet at The Mill will offer an array of holiday delights alongside the usually-available ethnic fare like the lovely sushi bar.  I was thrilled to find that selections from the Christmas menu are also available for take-out with 2 days advance notice. 

Australian Roasted Roast Beef
available at the buffet or
preorder (RM 300).
The requisite turkey was a beautifully presented bird, golden brown with with dark gravy available on the side.  The stuffing roll was also nice; I liked the apricot bits added for sweetness. The sea bass in a creamy mushroom sauce was a favorite with my husband and I loved the tomato and cheese salad – it was very fresh with the crisp, bright flavor of the basil cleansing the palate.  What had everyone buzzing during the evening though, was the chocolate yule log.  The festive log was adorable, but tasted even better than it looked.  Creamy, moist and sweet, it melted in the mouth and I’ll admit, even with a stuffed belly I went back for seconds.  Perhaps next time, I’ll start there and work my way through the buffet backward!  This is also available for preorder (RM 80).  The other holiday desserts were well displayed but didn't enjoy the same quality and for my money, I'd skip them in favour of the chocolate yule log.

A life-sized gingerbread house shop selling
great stocking stuffers and other delights.
If you go, don't miss a stroll through the hotel lobby, the enormous chandelier glistening and the Christmas décor sparkling will surely add to your cheer.  We were very content to sit and listen to the live jazz combo for a bit while we perused the treats for sale in the impressive life-sized gingerbread house, a must-see while at the Grand Millennium.  Upon touching it I realized it was completely authentic; certainly the largest gingerbread house I’ve ever seen!  Many stocking-worthy treats are available for sale there, including festively frosted cookies and even custom made hampers.

Outside, Pavilion is only steps away – always a highlight of holiday sight seeing!

Reason to visit:  Festive atmosphere, great chocolate yule log, and a take out menu poised to save any dinner otherwise doomed by a bad chef (I'm speaking only of myself of course!).

The Mill at Grand Millenium Christmas Buffet dates and pricing: 

24th December 2012 Christmas Eve – Buffet Dinner, RM 148.00++ per person
25th December 2012 Christmas Day – Buffet Brunch, RM 88.00++ per person
31st December 2012 New Year’s Eve – Buffet Dinner, RM 168.00++ per person
1st January 2013 New Year’s Day – Buffet Brunch, RM 68.00++ per person 
Free flow beer, wine, soda and juices  (RM 90++ per person)
Free flow soda and juices (RM 18++ per person)

The Mill Café
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur 
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2117 4302

Christmas trees and lights in the lobby.


  1. It is certainly a big turkey.


  2. I love hotels at Christmas, and here in Malaysia they really do a great job. That lifesize gingerbread house is something! Enjoying these Christmas dinner at hotels posts!

    1. Yes, Duncan, the hotels at Christmas really do it up! I always think to go to the malls for the decor, but the hotels shouldn't be overlooked either!

  3. lots of goodies there... desserts are awesome!! :D

  4. the hotel looks perfectly festive! praise to the folks who handled the decor! :D

    1. They did a great job. The gingerbread house is amazing!

  5. Ooo the Yule Log looks wonderful..

  6. I'm back from my vacation & it's nice to be greeted by all the food shots again. Thank God I've been stuffing myself with good food everyday while in Tokyo, else I would be real jealous.