Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Buffets, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Executive Chef Alex Leong Mun Fai and Senior Sous Chef Mhd Fuad B Abdulllah at the servery

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner & Christmas Day Buffet Brunch @ Swez Brasserie
By Sam Gibbs

As the old saying goes Christmas comes but once a year. But when it is celebrated at the Eastin Hotel situated in section 16 Petaling Jaya they really know how to embrace the Christmas spirit in style and with flare.

Our hosts had gone to great deal of effort to create a festive ambience in the dining room, replete with Christmas tree, candelabra, table decorations and the infusion of freshly roasted turkey, that really brings home the tradition of Christmas for me.

An endless array of delicious appetizers
The spread was quite simply spectacular with amazing attention to detail and presentation. One could see real effort and style in everything prepared for this feast. And what a feast it was....

From the fresh seafood, pate and the stunning pumpkin soup appetizer  to roast beef,  lamb, delicious roast turkey with stuffing, bread pudding and cranberry sauce no stone was left unturned in this vast array of offerings. For those with more Asian palates there was also a good range of local delicacies on offer that included delicious Kan Hiong Mussels and  Kari Kepala Hitam.

Roast Beef with Herb and
Pepper Sauce
Of the more interesting dishes I sampled, the Wild Berry Pilaf with Beef Meatballs and, the Sweet Potato with Streusel Topping. were outstanding. In fact throughout the dishes on offer fruits have found there way into the flavour style of this extravaganza. Another case in point being the delicious Spicy Lemon Chicken with Dried Fruits.

Scandinavian Fish Pie
To add to this gastronomic odyssey was an extensive salad bar, breads, the chefs amazing beef pate, smoked salmon, gravalax, sushi and sashimi and an impressive selection of dressings and condiments to top it all off.

No Christmas is complete without Christmas pudding and deserts. The chefs at Eastin were turbo charged when delivering the final blow to my already stuffed abdomen. What was missing from the dessert array was probably not worth having in the first place. From the more familiar fresh fruits, ice cream and chocolate fountain we spiral upwards to the rich fruity Christmas pudding with vanilla custard, the beautifully decorated Yule logs and then delicious mini pavlovas and creme caramels that were my personal favourites. It was quite simply one of the most extensive arrays I have ever seen, and for the dessert lover, a veritable garden of Eden.What impressed me was the level of detail that has gone into the presentation. In my mind this is a very important element of the dining experience.

Christams Pudding with Vanilla Sauce
Well at this point folks I was ready for an ambulance or at least a wheelchair in order to remove my cuisine soaked body from the premises of the Swez Brasserie. It was really a tremendous dining experience and I can only say that if you are looking for the ultimate Christmas feast then you need go no further than Eastin PJ.

I will finish by commenting that the Eastin has recently undergone extensive renovations and I was impressed by the ambience of the dining and food servery areas. The whole effect is calming and charming and my compliments go to the interior designers who have found a pleasing balance and sense of comfort that is chic without being ostentatious.

Prices for the Christmas Eve Buffet are set at RM 99++  for adults and RM 49++ for children. The Christmas day buffet lunch is priced at RM68++ for adults and just RM 34++ for children.

Swez Brasserie
Eastin Hotel
13 Jalan 16/11 Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16, (adjacent Star News)
46350 Petaling Jaya
+6 03 7665 1111


  1. What a great read. I was waiting and waiting for the prices to be mentioned, and when they were I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't mind paying that price for such an amazing feast!

    1. Thanks Duncan for your feedback....Its easy to write about such good food. I think the Xmas Eve and Day buffets will be well worth trying.
      For the price i think its good value and certainly you wont leave feeling hungry.

  2. it was certainly gorgeous... I was already ready to be wheeled out by the time I was finished with the magnificent spread! ;)

  3. good-looking spread, and a very convenient location for folks living in petaling jaya :D

  4. Yummy, but I've a funny feeling that I'll be throwing all the food up after the lovely buffet. =D

  5. yum yum yummy~ i like salmon~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  6. At that price and for all the filling and feeling food, what am I waiting for?!