Sunday, 24 February 2013

And the Oscar goes to "The Quiche"

Sundays with Chef Peter….

Sunday’s just seem to come around far too quickly daahlings and go unfortunately even quicker!

I have finally set up my facebook page for “Les Diables” (or rather my good friend Jordan did, thanks darling) so I do hope you will have a quick visit (there’s not a great deal to see at the moment but coming soon!) and LIKE ME!
Well the Oscars are tonight so I have reserved tomorrow morning for me and the TV and a pot of tea and crumpets to watch and cheer and boo. I went to see Les Misérables this week and I must say I love Hugh Jackman and think Anne Hathaway is gorgeous but darlings it was as painful as it must have been for Ms. Hathaway to cut off all her hair! Mind you this show, I saw in London and it had the same effect so maybe it is just me!
What else happened this week in the news... a lot I am guessing but I have been just too busy with my own affairs!
So busy in fact that I forgot completely I had invited friends around for supper the other evening and had to rustle through the shop to see what I could knock up in a hurry.
I thought as it was such a lovely day I would do a quiche, bacon, onion, mushroom and cheese, classic and delicious and also easy to make!

I have a great recipe for the shortcrust which a good friend gave to me and is perfect for quiches. All you need is:
200 g               Unsalted Butter
250 g               Plain Flour
125 g               Sour Cream

To make, crumb the butter and flour and then add the sour cream and work till a paste, not working it too much.
Flatten it out on a piece of film, wrap and keep in the fridge for half an hour or so to relax.
Once rested, knead it a little and roll out nice and thin (3mm) and line your quiche dish or ring. Make sure you get the paste right into the corners so it does not fall down the sides when baking.
Pop it in the freezer for another half and hour to rest and then press some foil or baking paper into the ring or dish on top the paste and fill with baking beans and bake blind. When it is nicely cooked (25-30 minutes on 180̊ I always remove the paper and beans and brush the paste with egg and pop back in the oven for a couple of minutes. This makes sure any small holes will be not leak out the quiche royale.

While the paste is resting in the fridge though, you can prepare your filling, anything you fancy but I am having bacon, onion and cheese as mentioned. So get some onions and chop and sauté without colouring in a pan and then add some chopped bacon and sauté again for a couple of minutes, add the chopped mushrooms and give a quick cook. Leave to cool.

To prepare the royale I use:

3 eggs
3 egg yolks
250 ml cream
200 ml milk
Salt and black pepper

Easy to make, just whisk the eggs, yolks, milk and cream together and season with salt and pepper and add a good pinch of nutmeg which I like in quiches but you can add any herbs or spices you like to go with the filling you have chosen. Tarragon and parsley too, go well with this quiche.

Place the bacon and onion mixture in your pastry case (still in the mould or flan ring of course, don’t want any accidents) and top with grated cheese (again of your choice but for this time I am using a mature Devonshire cheddar from my local farm shop at home “Quicks” so really full of flavour)

Place the quiche on a baking tray and take it to the oven (pre heated at 160̊c) and rest on the oven door and pour in the royale till the case is full.

Pop in the oven and bake for around 45 minutes or until the quiche is set and firm to the touch, remove and if you have time leave to set for 30 minutes or if in a hurry like me serve it piping hot. 
Both ways are delicious and served cold is good too so great for picnics which what why I think quiches were invented for!

Served with a big bowl of fresh salad and good glass of sauvignon blanc, you’ll think you’re sitting in a Devonshire field on a glorious summer’s day daahlings (mind that cow dung though!).

Happy cooking sweeties and don’t forget to LIKE my “Les Diables” Facebook page…..

Till next week….



  1. The name brings diabetes to my mind right away...but that's French. Your quiche looks great!

  2. I love quiche a lot! =D

    In fact, I had a little too much of it back in Auckland.