Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dilmah Tea @ Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur

Dilmah Tea @ The HUB, Le Meridien
Kuala Lumpur

What’s really in your teacup?  If you are someone who wants to know that what you consume not only tastes good but is also produced by an ethical company that cares, then look no further!

At a recent tea tasting seminar hosted by Le Meridien and Dilmah Tea, guests gained a greater appreciation for the different varieties, qualities and processing methods of tea that influence freshness, flavor and fair trade!

Family owned and operated for 57 years, Dilmah Tea has set the bar very high for the tea industry.  Their standards of excellence overarch every aspect of the business - from how the tea is grown, harvested and processed to the sustainable business and environmental practices that benefit the workers, community, consumers and the planet!

From farming and processing, to packaging and shipping, these 100% Ceylon Teas are handled with the utmost care to ensure the finest taste in every cup.  Perhaps more impressive though is that the workers, the community and the land are also cared for with respect and love.   At Dilmah the workers are provided with free accommodation, including all utilities, schools and medical care.  For workers of children who do well and wish to carry on with their education, grants are often provided.

The wide variety of Dilmah Teas are not just for drinking but serve as part of the bright and colorful decor.

Dilmah offers an extensive variety of tea including black, green and white teas.  Each tea has it’s own unique aroma and taste and can be served hot or cold, on it’s own, or enhanced with milk, sugar, honey, or even fruit syrups! 
Brewed to perfection every time! Water at 98 C, steeping timed to the exact minute and served in a double wall glass.

Expert mixologists demonstrated how to make fusion tea drinks beverages with fruit syrup and fresh tea that make a refreshing drink on a hot day.  Each mocktail had a distinct fruity sweetness with a perfect tea finish. You could easily add a shot of rum or vodka and serve them up at a cocktail party too! 

Lightly sweet syrups turn tea into refreshing fusion mocktails!

We also learned that just as food and wine should be paired correctly for optimum taste, so should tea. Lighter teas such as Pure Green or Jasmine Green tea are served best with fish, sushi or salads. The strong flavor of a black tea like Lapsong Suchong or Earl Grey would nicely accompany curries or meatier dishes while Morrocan Mint or Italian Almond are the perfect compliment to chocolate desserts.

Light white cake with fresh fruit and cream or chocolate mousse paired with Morrocan Mint!
Chocolate pastries in every shape and size for the chocoholic in all of us!

Dilmah tea is served in the HUB at the Lobby Level of Le Meridien in KL Sentral, which offers an elegant modern setting with lots of natural light.  The cakes and savories on the menu are a delicious match for the wide variety of teas offered.

For LOTS more information about Dilmah tea visit –

Reason to visit:  fair trade, high quality tea; delicious pastries; warm atmosphere.

Le Meridien KL
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur 50470

+6 03 2263 7753


  1. No, thanks. I'm a coffee person. nice cakes & stuff though...

  2. Gosh, the amount of chocolate!

    I'm a big fan of tea; would drink a lot the whole day. =)

  3. There is nothing a good cup of tea can't do. I must have my cup of tea at work and some days, Dilmah is my choice.

  4. It looks like an excellent chocolate buffet.