Sunday, 19 May 2013

Let's Make Cookies!

Sundays with Chef Peter….

                  How are you this Sunday, hope you’re as usual, fabulous and having a great weekend.

If you are in Phuket, you’ll have probably seen the lovely weather this morning so get your coat on, brolly up and pop down to Les Diables for a great cup of coffee, smoothie, croissant or whatever takes you’re fancy from our display! Of course I have to disappoint you, I am not on the menu… So none of that Tea, Coffee or Me stuff dearies, I’m not a tart! J

Great week for me with my popping up North to Chiang Mai and then rushing back for my 15 minutes of fame on Phuket TV being interviewed by the delicious Tara who just wore the perfect dress to complement my shop!

Thank you to Tara and Simon for that, we had a lot of fun but Tara darling, my shop is boutique sweetie, not very small! These TV presenters, really!

I have not been to Chiang Mai for many years and this was my second visit in a short time as I am doing some work there and I must say I rather like it but I there again I always did. Chiang Mai is what I would call more the real Thailand and the northern people more gentle folk not like the hot blooded southerners!

I have discovered with the help of Bib my good friend who is in rez-i-duh ns lots of great new places which I will be sharing with you soon (also what I am doing there).

A couple of highlights quickly were Chez Marco where the food is excellent and Chef Marco himself, quite a character (and a match for me any day) and Ginger @ Kaffe which is just up my street and a great place to spend a lazy afternoon! Both highly recommended.

Of course the other great happening of the week was the release of Daft Punks Get Lucky. I just can’t stop bopping around the shop every time it plays! In my hey day as a dancer darlings (do you believe me, I wasn’t that bad), One More Time by Daft Punk was the song I most enjoyed to “show off” to and 10+ years later they have hit the spot again, well done guys!
Couldn't resist to share this with you.
Me dancing at M.O.S Bangkok!

So I was wondering this morning, what culinary delight to share with you today and what better on a rainy day than to make cookies with the kids or even your darling (go on, let’s get floury together)!

So here is a really easy recipe for roll out cookie dough which you can cut, cook and decorate to any shape you like… having lots of ideas there arn't you……

For the cookies you will need:
420 grams Butter (room temperature)
420 grams Sugar
2 eggs
100 grams Milk
20 grams Vanilla extract
700 grams All purpose flour
25 grams Baking powder

To make, it could not be easier, simply put all the ingredients into your mixer and mix till dough is formed.

The ingredients mixed
Remove from the bowl on to a floured surface and knead lightly and roll out with a rolling pin and cut into your favourite shapes.
The dough out the bowl on a floured surface
Rolling the dough
Cutting the cookies
Place on a baking tray and bake at 180 ̊c for 10-15 minutes or till golden brown.
Cookies in the oven
Cooked Cookies
Remove from the oven, cool and decorate with fondant, icing, chocolate or anything you wish.

Decorated cookies
Great for a giveaway for any party, wrapped nicely and tied with a bow….

What better way to spend a rainy day and really so simple!

Happy Baking Daahlings!

Till next week……

Chef Peter





  1. I know, I was wasn't I! :-)
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Oooo...what nice cookies you make! Not into baking, my missus' territory. I only eat! LOL!!!

  3. I like the decorations!

    Too bad I'm not good in baking cookies. I screwed up with the recipe the one and only time I made it.

    You were a dancer before, Peter? I'm sure you had precious memories back then. =D