Tuesday, 25 June 2013

'Balik Kampung' at Eccucino, Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur

'Balik Kampung' at Eccucino, Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur

Words and Photos by Araceli Arismendi

The countdown has begun for the beginning of Ramadan 2013.  As of today it will be exactly 14 days until July 9th, 2013 when Muslim people from around the world will begin fasting during the daylight hours.  This process entails no food or liquids from dawn until sunset for 30 days ending on August 7th, 2013.  Even though the Islamic fasting entails more than just restraining from food and liquids, this part of the sacrifice seems to me as the most daunting.  As a non-Muslim American who devours every meal that comes close to sight, I have the up most respect for any human being that can practice this type of self-control. During the Ramadan observance, restaurants and hotels all over Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offer specialized Malay and International buffets for the break of fast.   When I was asked to review the 'Balik Kampung' buffet dinner promotion hosted by Eccucino at the Prince Hotel,  I immediately thought to myself that this would be the perfect opportunity to explore Malay cuisine and get an inkling of what it would be like to attend an extravagant buffet after not having one bite or one sip of anything for at least 12 hours.   I walked into the Prince Hotel and was greeted by a group of Malay musicians known as the "Ghazal Band" playing Ghazal, Asli and Modern songs. This group of talented players will be entertaining guests during the fasting month from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The serene and peaceful music is ideal to begin an evening of feasting.   The soft melody instantly allured me into the restaurant and for the first time I was going to participate in a true Malaysian spread!

Entrance to Eccucino
Malay Musicians
The 'Balik Kampung' dinner buffet at Eccucino will begin their Ramadan promotion on July 9th- August 8th from 6:30 pm- 10:30 pm every night.  The buffet offers several options of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Western and even Japanese dishes.  I was so overwhelmed with the amount of food that was available that I didn't know where to begin my personal feasting celebration.  I decided I would focus my attention on the 'kampung' Malay specialties since most of my food consumption typically involves Chinese, Indian and Western meals.  As an expat living in Malaysia for nearly a year now, I owed it to myself to see what Malaysian culinary was all about. I tried everything from Nasi Briyani to Beef/Chicken Redang to Curry Laksa to Fish Head Curry and so much more.  My taste buds were literally swimming in fresh lemongrass, meat and fish curry, roasted coconut, cinnamon, tamarind and whole mixed herbs!  It was quite evident that Executive Chef Donald Pezar took pride in this upcoming event and carefully created an experience that would promote families and friends to come together and enjoy a rich and delightful meal. As an expat, I had the luxury of trying out foods from all over Malaysia and get a true taste of how flavors from different countries including Indonesia, Chinese, Indian and Thai have come together and have produced a gratifying cuisine.  As the saying goes " One Malaysia truly Asia."

Prince Hotel
Whole Roasted Lamb Kuzi

The whole roasted lamb is one of the specialties of the 'Balik Kampung' buffet dinner. The meat was slightly gamy, tender and very moist.
Prince Hotel
Pan-fried sea bass with capers and olives
Prince Hotel
Malaysian Laksa Stall

The laksa stall featuring five different flavors of laksa was the highlight to my dining experience and another specialty of the spirit of 'Balik Kampung' dinner buffet. 

Prince Hotel
Different Flavors of Laksa
Curry Laksa
Malay food at Prince Hotel
Chicken Redang
Prince Hotel
Daging Masak Gulai
Prince Hotel
Ikan Tenggiri Masak Acar Kuning
Eccucino Restaurant
Ketam Masak Kari

Malay Dish, Kuala Lumpur, Prince Hotel
Kambing Masala

Prince Hotel
Signature Hot Pot Soup

The Signature Hot Pot Soup is another specialty that Eccucino is preparing for the great feast.  The soup so very flavorful and rich.
Eccucino Restaurant, Prince Hotel
An Assortment of Sweetness
Reasons to Visit: Early Bird Special from July 9th-15th at RM 78++ per person, Children under 12 years old dine free for every one paying adult, Variety of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western dishes, Excellent Nasi Lemak Stall

Eccucino, Prince Hotel and Residence 
4 Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2170 8888


  1. Am certainly looking forward to the Ramadhan season of yummies!

  2. Ah, whenever Ramadhan is around the corner, I'm always looking forward to the lemang.

    Did I read that correctly? Japanese food too?

  3. I've always enjoyed performance in a restaurant like those you can find in many Thai traditional restaurants. Nice sharing!

  4. I love the sea bass and the curry laksa looks so good!

  5. It was great friends. Foodies for life!