Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Italiannies - Festa della Pasta - The Gardens at Mid Valley City

Words by Lisa Mangelsdorf

Upon entering Italiannies you quickly forget that you are in a mall and begin to sense that you are about to enjoy an authentic Italian dining experience. The soft lighting, warm décor, and subtle background music all compliment the scent of garlic, tomatoes and pasta being expertly prepared in the open concept kitchen. You are quickly seated by friendly and efficient serving staff who take great care of you from "antipasto to dolci". On this particular evening we were invited to try eight new pasta dishes on the already varied menu, including three that featured handmade pasta. Each dish was served family style and paired with wine to complete the true Italian experience.

Gamberi con Aglio and Mediterranean Salad
The meal began with a Mediterranean Salad and Gamberi con Aglio. Both of these dishes can be enjoyed as add-ons to a regular meal or as a full dish. The salad featured tender grilled chicken on a beautiful bed of mixed greens, olives and feta. This was a light fresh accompaniment to the shrimp prepared in olive oil with full red chillis that served to open up the palate.

Each of the eight pastas that followed were deliciously unique in flavors, textures and colors. 

Mussels and clams Lombardi – Steamed mussels and clams served with pappardelle noodles. The delicate flavors of seafood and tarragon were paired perfectly with a light crisp Pinot Grigio.

Mussels and Clams Lombardi - RM 22.90
Cannelloni – The light creamy filling of Bechamel cheese lets the fresh distinct flavors of artichokes and spinach come through and linger on the palate. Topped with a light marinara sauce, this dish is exploding with a variety of flavors!  Served with Riff Rosso.

Cannelloni - RM 26.90

Fileja con Pomodoro – In Malaysia, this uniquely shaped short noodle can only be found at Italiannies.  The authentic Italian noodle was paired elegantly with a simple but classic tomato and basil sauce. This dish can be enjoyed with either a red or white depending on your preference. 

Fijero con Pomodoro - RM18.90
Fusilli con Spinachi ed Alfredo Sauce - Sounds like a familiar traditional dish but surprises you with crispy fried spinach atop spiral noodles in a delicate cream sauce. 

Fusili con Spinaci RM 22.90

Paccheri con Ragu – Thick noodles in a traditional beef sauce for diners with a healthy appetite!  This robust dish could be enjoyed with either the Riff Rosso or Adesso Nero.

Paccheri con Ragu - RM 18.90
Tagliatelle con Pesto al Pomodoro – Homemade plain and spinach Tagliatelle covered with a fresh tangy pesto sauce and tomatoes. Great zesty flavor that suited the deep red, bold Adesso Nero served along side. 

Tagliatelle con Pesto al Pomodoro - RM 22.90

Tagliatelle con Salvia, Funghi e Popettine – Juicy flavorful homemade meatballs presented on a bed of hand-crafted, al dente tagliatelle noodles. This hearty meal was accompanied by a glass of Riff Rosso, a slightly peppery robust red table wine. 

Tagliatelle con Salvia, Funghi e Popettine - RM 22.90

Tortellini con Salmone ed Aneto – My favorite of the evening -  the distinct delicious flavors of red onion, capers and fresh salmon – like a New York bagel served as pasta – perfection! Paired with Pinot Grigio.      

Tortellini con Salmone ed Aneto - RM 26.90

And to top off a perfect meal - the ultimate Italian classic - Tiramisu.  If you still have room this goes beautifully with a Moscato for dessert.

Italian Trifle

Overall Italiannies has a great selection of delicious unique Italian dishes and wines at a reasonable price in a relaxing, cozy environment.  The Festa della Pasta promotion will continue through July. 

Reasons to visit: great ambiance, authentic Italian, great value for money, nice wine selection, family friendly – kids can make their own pizzas!

Lot S209, Second Floor, The Gardens

Mid Valley City, Lingkara Syed Putra

59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603 - 2283 3675

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  1. The food looks good and I like how you present your pictures.


  2. yum! I am particularly fond of the cannelloni and tagliatelle pesto .. :D