Sunday, 2 June 2013

Latest Creations!

Sundays with Chef Peter….

The Moulin Rouge!

Well here we are again!

It’s been such a crazy week! Just have not stopped, how was yours sweeties? Hope you’ve all a fabulous one too and are now enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in bed with your loved one (or spouse!) with your favourite blog and Moi!

Steves Ashtray Cake 

I was just wondering what has happened in the world this week as I have just been so busy with different things that I have not had a chance to really catch up with the news though I did hear that a ferry sank on the way from Phi Phi to Phuket (thankfully there were no fatalities), imagine… and apparently just when the governor was meeting to discuss tourist safety in Phuket!

Diamonds and Flowers

Now generally I have travelled much around the world and besides the occasional getting ripped off, have never had a problem and really think it all comes down to a little common sense, I mean darlings when one is walking in Manhattan, New York one does not stroll too far down to the Bronx does one! Of course I guess you can’t really do much if you’re on a ferry and it starts to sink… Can you! And of course the latest craze in the pastry world is the Cronut! A deep fried filled croissant which is taking New York by storm and now selling for 50 dollars a piece (wonder if you get a coffee with that)! I have tried to replicate them and I must say they taste pretty good so place your orders NOW! Mine are going for 95 Baht Sweeties!

Cake and Chocolate Helicopter

I thought today, as I have had such a week sweeties, we would have a week in pictures with all the latest creations from Les Diables who by the way is serving up a great cappuccino and lots of goodies for your Sunday bliss!

And I will Shut Up!
A quick game of tennis

Black Ribbon, Red Roses!

Was meant to be a Mclaren! Whoops

Simply Elegant

What better way to say Happy Birthday to your maid



Polka dots and stripes

Olies Wakeboard

Country Cup Cakes

Toy Story

Happy Sunday!

Chef Peter


  1. That's what I call creativity. Great work of the Chef.


  2. Gosh they look so pretty! too pretty and gorgeous to be eaten!