Thursday, 20 June 2013

Meatless Dining in Kuala Lumpur

As people now have a wealth of information at their fingertips, the population has become armed with a heightened level of awareness. Food choices are no longer based solely on taste and price. The educated are now cognizant of the impact of those selections on personal health and that of the environment. Equipped with this elevated degree of understanding, more and more are choosing to reduce their meat intake and some have even decided not to eat meat altogether. Some restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are completely meat free, while others offer some good vegetarian options. Here's The Yum List's:

Best Restaurants with Vegetarian Options in Kuala Lumpur

Pressroom Bistro, Pavilion - Of course there are plenty of meaty dishes here, but we love their mushroom lasagne.

Pressroom, meatless dining, vegetarian, Pavilion
Pressroom Bistro, Pavilion

La Mexicana, Terrace at Hock Choon - A surprising number of delicious meat free menu items. We love their cactus salads and home made cheeses.

meatfree dining, vegetarian, meatless, restaurant, Kuala Lumpur
La Mexicana

The Daily Habit, Bangsar Shopping Centre - A whole host of healthy food, with many vegetarian dishes included.

Meat free, meatless, vegetarian, restaurant, Kuala Lumpur
The Daily Habit

Beyond Veggie, Taman Tun - A completely meat free menu with lots of eggless cakes and a huge menu of both western and local favourites.

meat free, meatless, vegetarian, secret recipe, beyond veggie
Beyond Veggie

Living Food, Menara Tan and Tan - Organic, meatless, raw and super healthy options. We love their raw enchiladas, apple gateaux and gnocchi.

meat free, meatless, vegetarian, restaurant, Kuala Lumpur, healthy Raw

Living Food

Botanical, Bangsar Village II - An entirely meatless menu. Elegant dining in the comfort of a mall. 

Botanical, Meatless Dining, Bangsar, vegetarian, vegan

RAW - Real and Wholesome, Wisma Equity. An entire vegetarian menu with great soups,  salads and excellent coffee.

RAW - Real and Wholesome, Wisma Equity, meatless, vegetarian, vegan restaurant
RAW - Real and Wholesome

Giovino - Changkat Bukit Bintang - Specializing in Greek and Italian, there are many meaty meals, but some delicious vegetarian options too. We love their dolmades and spanakopita. Don't miss the baklava for dessert.

Giovino, Changkat Bukit Bintang, vegetarian, mealess
Giovino - Changkat Bukit Bintang

Do tell of your favourite places to get meat free meals.


  1. I quite like the 'Botanical' especially in now the 'hazy' period in KL !

  2. thks for sharing all these meatless restaurants.... its really creative now to enjoy a good dose of lots of veggies... :)

  3. You should try WTF in Bangsar!

  4. totally love this entry! :) thanks yum!

  5. Yes you're right. The price doesn't really bother me too much nowadays as much as the quality of food that is on offer.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  6. I love meat but this looks also very good. Certainly the lasagna.


  7. The mushroom lasagna looks good!!!

  8. Thank you for imformation :)

  9. Hi, What a wonderful page.. I'm working on the same concept blog for vegetarian folks who dine at non vegetarian restaurants...
    Try the Mushroom lasagna at Bens BSC. Its good too.

  10. Puja G

    Great to hear that you are working on a blog for vegetarian folks who dine at non vegetarian restaurants! Can't wait to hear from you. :D

  11. Thanks for the information. It will be great to know what is the ingredients for those vegetarian cuisines featured on your page. Anyway, truly appreciated. Looking forward for more vegetarian restaurants recommendation from theyumlist. Best regards.