Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday's with Chef Peter...

Moi explaining the dishes

My Daahlings Hello!

                                    I am so sorry for missing you all last week but it was such a busy weekend as amongst other things we had our first Birthday party at Les Diables for Olivia who wanted a Tea Party with all her friends. What a lovely party and I hope the kids enjoyed it as much as I did!

The Kids Decorating the cup cakes
Potential Pastry Ladies!
She'll be at Ascot next!

We started with the kids decorating cup cakes which were then saved till Birthday cake time when all the cup cakes were put on the stand with a topper cake for the candles and cutting.

The Birthday Girl + Family

A great idea as everyone had a hand in making Olivia’s Birthday cake so if you have one of your kids birthdays coming up, there is a good idea to get the party rolling. I must say though daahlings I take my hat off to all parents, not being one, I was exhausted when it was all over!

Having thought about how nice it would be to be a “Daddy” I think its much better being Uncle Peter where you can have fun and spoil them and then return them to Mummy and Daddy when they get tired and fidgety turn into little monsters! J

Of course then I had to rush home and change into my nightie to go a rather fun pajama birthday party at the famous Ka Jok See which if you know Phuket well you would have been to at least once and for sure had a ball. I must tell you more about this wonderful place one day by devoting a whole review for it… lots of fun!

And isn’t it wonderful having friends visiting and the past couple of weeks seems to have been no exception with friends dropping in from all around Thailand and Asia, fabulous to see them all and catch up and it also gives me a chance to visit my favourite places here!

I have also been busy lately working on a project in Chiang Mai helping to open a new restaurant which is very exciting and for the past few days I and my very charming and beautiful assistant Khun Bib who actually did most of the work as I was busy with cakes (well done darling) have been working on developing the recipes and yesterday we invited some friends to come and try some of the dishes we have created (what better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon!).

At the Savoy and Oriental I used to dread food tastings where the GM and managers would sit around the table and rip your dishes apart. What do they know anyway I would huff and mince off back to my kitchen, “leave me alone”! But of course they are important as this gives you an idea of what your paying customers are going to say so I am much better sweeties as I mature!

The restaurant is going to be an all day dining concept and the owner would like to serve modern comfort food with a twist so we choose the following eight dishes to serve to our guest. Now daahlings don’t go bitching about the presentation in the photos as this was a tasting, we’ll do the fun bit later!

To start with Cheese Stuffed Potato Croquettes served with Bolognaise sauce, a lovely appetizer to share with friends. This time we used cheddar cheese but decided a good Brie or Camembert would be even better oozing from the center topped with a spoonful of Bolognaise sauce, delicious!

Next was Chicken Liver Pate with Pomegranate and Sage served with Melba Toast which went down a treat. Pates usually look more complicated to make than they really are, just don’t overcook your chicken livers and add lots of butter! A heart attack on a plate as Tracey says!

Next is a personal favourite of mine, Feta Cheese, Asparagus, black olive and Smoked Salmon Tart. Thin pastry tart filled with the above and cooked in the oven with a splash of royale. The combination of the flavours is perfect and served with a freshly tossed Rocket Salad, divine!

Fisherman’s Pie next which disappeared in a minute, just great fresh fish in a white wine cream sauce with chopped parsley filled in a short crust pastry case and topped with puff pastry and baked off.

We stayed on the fish next with a Herbed Crusted Salmon served with a lemon Jus which was our special guest Chris from Melbourne favourite and gave him the energy needed for the long flight back the same evening (wonder what delights they were serving in flight!).

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Mascarpone and served with a Herbed Cream Sauce was next… Mascarpone cheese mixed with garlic and herbs stuffed into a chicken breast and wrapped in Parma Ham, pan fried and finished in the oven, super!

Next Chicken Yakitori with Egg Fried Rice, minced chicken mixed with ginger and spices formed into little pates and lightly fried and then finished off in the oven with the Yakitori sauce placed on the fluffy egg fried rice sprinkled with crispy garlic and chopped spring onion.

Now by this time everyone is starting to feel rather stuffed but all happy with good comments and discussion about the dishes. I kept the Duck Cottage Pie for last as its quite a heavy dish but delicious and I didn’t want to serve it too early as I didn’t want my guest to be stuffed!

The duck is great for this type of dish slowly cooked till a rich stew and then topped with mash and finished off with mixed grated cheeses and finished in the oven. Even though when put on the table all my guest had a look of “oh gosh, where I am I going to put that!” very little came back and it was the perfect finish to a perfect food tasting, good comments with good food with good wine with good company!

What more can a chef ask for!

Happy Sunday!

See you next week!



  1. Looks like fun! Great food for a party!

  2. Fun for the kids and very educational.