Sunday, 7 July 2013

Any One for Tennis and Choc?

Sundays with Chef Peter….

 Good Morning Daahlings!

                                                If you are like me you’ll be all excited today with the Wimbledon men’s final between Djokovic and Murray, who are you placing your bets on?

Now I am an English rose so I guess I should be rooting for Andy (even though he does not wish to be associated with us) but you see darlings with my favourite Nadal (don’t you just love those little habits of his before he serves) out of the running, I am staying on the continent and putting my bets on the sexy Serb!

The woman’s final yesterday proved a bit of an anti climax (says he) but nevertheless congratulations to Marion Bartoli who must be celebrating just a wee bit after winning her first grand slam title and what better place to do that than at Wimbledon, well done my dear!

If you are planning a little tea party this afternoon while watching the game or if like me in this part of the world, thinking about having something sweet with a cup of tea after dinner and settling down in front of the TV then I have the perfect little something that will help make the experience even more “Delicious”!

Whiskey Truffle Tarts, easy to make and won’t take you too long to prepare.

All you need is some sweet paste crust tart shells which you can either make yourself or cheat a little and buy the readymade ones.

For the ganache filling you will need the following for 8-10 3” (7.5cm) diameter tart shells:

200 grams Dark Couveture Chocolate (chopped finely if not using coins)

150 grams Whipping Cream (Double is fine too)

50 ml Whiskey (or any other tipple that takes your fancy, cherry brandy is delicious also)

30 grams Butter

To make simply:

1)      Melt 25grams the chocolate over hot water or in a microwave (wave the chocolate for only 30 seconds at a time and give a good stir in between otherwise the chocolate will burn)

2)      Use this chocolate to brush the tart shells with. This prevents the shells from getting soggy when you put the ganache in and also gives a lovely bite. Place the shells on a tray.

3)      Place the remainder of your chocolate in the same bowl

4)      Boil the cream and pour on to the dark chocolate and stir well until all the chocolate is melted.

5)      Add the butter and stir in slowly.

6)      Add the whiskey and give a good stir slowly till well mixed, smooth and shiny

7)      Leave the ganache for 15-20 minutes to allow to thicken a little

8)      Place in a piping bag with a small nozzle or if using disposable then cut a small hole and pipe into the shells until nice and full

9)      Leave the shells to set in an air conditioned (for those of us in “hot” countries) room for an hour or so and decorate as you wish or leave plain. I use a chocolate logo or a little gold leaf normally but of course topped with a fresh strawberry would be perfect for Wimbledon!

10)  Serve with a little whipped cream and cup of tea… Delicious!

Come on Novak… I mean Andy J!

Happy Sunday!

See you next week!

Chef Peter


  1. Delightfully yummy and easier to make than I expected! THANX for the recipe. This is certainly helpful in view of my curent chocolate cravings.

  2. Looks very good, full taste chocolate.