Sunday, 4 August 2013

Partying at Les Diables

Sundays with Chef Peter….

Happy Sunday Darlings!

                                                Well if like us here in Phuket you were hoping to have a sunny weekend on the beach, sorry sweeties you should have migrated to Koh Samui or perhaps even the UK for the weekend as I hear there is a much better chance of getting a tan there!

Unfortunately my dearest X has just arrived here on the paradise island so she is “NOT AMUSED!”

Either way it does not mean we stop having fun here in rainy Phuket waiting for the sun to shine and I have had just a fabulous week, mind you to be honest part of the week was spent in Bangkok (one night in Bangkok) where I stayed at the new fabulous W hotel, of which I will be telling you all about very soon.

Last night was also a grand affair as we celebrated one of our dear neighbours 40th Birthday and being a wise man who knows a good deal when he sees one, he chose Les Diables for his gathering and it was a lovely party indeed (even though a few fainter hearted feared a down pour and stayed put at home)!

Les Diables Party Venue

So I thought I would give me a little plug today and tell you what a wonderful venue Les Diables makes for an intimate party or great venue for your kids birthday where we have wondrous things to do to amuse your kids for a few hours!

For Olivia’s 8th Birthday, she wanted to have a tea party, actually another as I am honoured to have done a few of Olivia’s parties so far, I almost feel like part of the family!

The guest arrive

I and Mum Mary decided to spice things up a little for this tea party and incorporate decorating cup cakes as part of the event.

Chef Peter showing how to do it!
The Kids Decorating

Each guest after greeting Olivia, handing over her gift and doing the usual courtesies was given a cupcake and let wild in the kitchen with Chef Peter to decorate their masterpieces.

Top Hat Topper

When it came to birthday cake time all were placed on the cupcake stand to celebrate Olivia’s birthday topped with a top hat cake to stick the candles in. This made the cake extra special as everyone contributed to it and made it very special for Olivia.

Of course however, there was quite a bit of confusion sorting out whose cake was whose so if you’re planning to do similar then I suggest writing names on the bases just to be safe!

Olivia and Co!
Look at that Smile

Food for the tea party was delicate finger sandwiches, cookies, cakes and tarts all washed down with homemade squash and of course tea. Kids are pretty easy to please so far as food goes (aren’t they???) and I guess it depends on the type of party but I thought it rather lovely to see the kids dressed up nibbling on finger sandwiches and enjoying tea together, very civilized, guess Alice should be thanked for that!

The Games

Of course no party is complete without games which Mum took care of and did a great job, pass the parcel was definitely in there but there are many games which are simple and good time fillers, hide and seek and hang the donkeys tail are some that spring to mind (can you tell I am not a parent)!

We have a wonderfully large grass lawn in front of Les Diables which (weather permitting of course) is perfect for kids to run wild and enjoy themselves, also giving the parents a breather to enjoy their cup of tea!

Ready to Party!

Last night for Phil’s 40th Birthday Les Diables did the food and drink and Phil wanted to do the decoration and music himself which was great with me. We were expecting a good number of Phil’s local Thai staff so for the food we decided to do a more Thai style cocktail but cut down on the spiciness so everyone could enjoy, I think it worked well.

Larb Gai

Larb gai wrapped in cabbage leaves, mini quiches filled with different fillings, Moo sam chan yang with a more spicy dip or ketchup and mustards, quails eggs wrapped in wantons and deepfried, chicken satays with peanut dip, spring rolls and Tuna rillettes with garlic melba as well of course as homemade crisp and nibbles.

Moo Sam Chan Yang

Assorted Mini Quiches

Chicken Satay

There was a chocolate fountain for the sweet tooth and kids served with tropical fruits and the cake was a rich chocolate cake, Phil’s favourite topped with a picture of a Princess Yacht. So he at least got one boat for his birthday, keep dreaming Phil!

His Birthday Yacht
The Birthday Boy and Wife Jordan

As all good parties there was a full bar to help get the festivities going and we even had a few party games with a bag of ice thanks to little Oliver and Chloe!

All good fun so if you’re in Phuket and are thinking about having a party do pop down and have a look at Les Diables for a great venue!

Go on, be a devil!

Till next week……


  1. Great party. Funny how she looks at the cakes.


  2. What's "Moo Sam Chan Yang"? Char siew of some kind? Looks yummy! And I love quiches, all things savoury!!!!

  3. happy b day to him..rainy is not fair situation for a vacation period.

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