Wednesday, 19 March 2014

FINished with FINS

Dear The Yum List Readers,

I need some friends...

This Thursday, March 20th at 7:30pm at Mid Valley Megamall, I'll be signing our Yum List poster and participating in a brief interview in support of the FINished with Fins campaign, which is attempting to raise awareness around the unsustainable practice of shark finning. 

I need some friends to come along and show support. Bring your buddies too!

Thursday March 20th
7:30pm - 8:00pm
South Court, Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall


  1. Hear! Hear! Say no to sharks' fins soup! Save the sharks!!!

  2. all the very best with this initiative and bravo for making a positive difference!

  3. Not just the sharks.
    We need to save the pangolins as well. :)

  4. I wish I lived closer! All the BEST with event.