Sunday, 12 October 2014

Recipe for The Yum List Cocktail from SIX Cocktail and Bar, Bangsar

SIX Cocktail Bar Bangsar
The Yum List Cocktail by SIX

The Yum List Cocktail

An exclusive cocktail whipped up specifically for Monica and Caning during their recent visit to SIX. Based on the desired "brief", this concoction uses Dark Spiced Rum with a drop of Hakusu Peated Whisky, to form the base of this unusual, tantalizing flavored cocktail. Complimented with lime, rose syrup and a drop of fresh passion fruit puree results in a refreshing sweetness, with egg white added for texture.


1. Ron Zacapa 23 years Rum - 45ml
2. Hakushu Whisky - 10ml
3. Fresh Lemon Juice - 25ml
4. Rose Syrup - 15ml
5. Fresh Passion Fruit Puree - 10ml
6. Egg White - 20ml


Simply put all the ingredients into a Boston Shaker and shake it without ice for approximately 40 seconds. Then add as much ice as possible into the shaker and shake it for another 30-40 seconds. Double strain into a 360ml Martini Glass and garnish with lemon zest and Hakushu spray as desired. You're then good to go - Enjoy! ;)