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Trilogy - Restaurant, Bar, Hostel - Pakistani and Western Cuisine, Kuala Lumpur

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Beautiful Display of Pakistani Cuisine at Triology

Trilogy - Great Pakistani and Western Cuisine

Words by Sungeeta Singh
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)

If you enjoy flavoursome, mouth-filling cuisine inspired by grandma’s best Pakistani recipes, and some comforting Western meals, you are in for a treat at Trilogy! An inviting, family run restaurant, bar and hostel combine to create a trio of services. Food and beverage can be enjoyed in a comfortable indoor air-conditioned environment or outside in a casual al fresco setting. Sports lovers can have a game of pool or darts, or watch a match on the big screen in the upstairs bar, and backpackers will be very pleased with the inexpensive beds found in the accommodations next door. Located on Jalan Raja Abdullah, it’s an easy two minute walk from Dang Wangi LRT station and also benefits from easy parking with numerous lots across the street and around the block.

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Trilogy - Hostel, Restaurant and Bar
Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Trilogy Bar Area
Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Lounge in Bar
Owners, Sunitha and Puran are inviting, hospitable hosts who enjoy crafting their extensive menu of authentic Pakistani and Western food. It is not often that one can be equally wowed by both cuisines. The Pakistani chef has over 20 years experience, and the management’s many years of living abroad ensure a refined sense for international flavours. Sunitha’s own passion for good quality food allows her to work closely with the chef and to include her own secret family recipes into the menu. While Trilogy is the only Pakistani restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that serves alcoholic drinks, all meats are halal and no pork is served so the kitchen is friendly to many dietary preferences. 


Happy Hours at Trilogy must be the longest running in the city. Starting when the restaurant opens at 12 noon and continuing through to 9pm, guests receive 30% off both beer and cocktails. Even better news is that if you arrive before 9pm you are entitled to the discounted prices all night long! Spirits and beer are the focus of the drinks selection, with Australian Alice White Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay as affordable house wines. Wine lovers need not be disappointed however with the compact selection as there is currently no corkage charge if you’d like to bring your own. Both the red and white wines proved smooth easy drinking, and a refreshing Mojito was well executed with loads of mint leaves and only a mild sweetness.

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Very Happy Happy Hours
There are a number of non-alcoholic refreshments. Of note are sweet and savoury Lassi, and a local brand of iced drinks by Gems. Bottled iced latte, double chocolate mocha, green tea latte and iced peach tea (RM10) make rich delicious treats. But, the true drawcard at Trilogy is its menu of flavoursome dishes. 

trilogy kl
Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Brewed Coffee

We began our culinary journey at Trilogy with a BBQ Platter (RM30++), showcasing open fire grilled meats as one of their specialities. Meat is marinated in exotic spices and yoghurt, and then cooked over hot charcoal. Chicken Tikka, Mutton Kebabs and Chicken Malai Boti were all very tender with a subtle smokiness infused throughout. The accompanying tamarind and yogurt sauces were equally delectable and made perfect accompaniments.

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Barbecue Platter
When ordering, you can mix-and-match the meats to cater to individual taste. You can ask for boneless or bone-in meats and the amount of spice can be adjusted too. Lamb and beef are imported from Australia. A glass of cold beer is a perfect match with this amazing platter!

Fish Tikka (RM14++) was tender, succulent pieces of John Dory, marinated in spices and yogurt and gently cooked on hot coals. Dipped in yogurt and mint sauce, it just melted in our mouths in a surge of flavours! 

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Fish Tikka
Mutton Dagar Kebabs (RM5.00++) was another unassuming dish that just screams flavour and tenderness. Finely ground spiced mince is shaped on a skewer and held by fine thread. The great blend of spices, with good quality mutton gives this dish it’s unique flavouring. We will go back for more!
Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Mutton Dagar Kebab

We tasted the Coconut Fish Curry (RM16++) and a Fish Hara Masala (RM17++). While both dishes had wonderful flavours, the Coconut Fish curry is a less spicy option. Fish Hara Masala is an infusion of spices, tomatoes and tender pieces of fish. We enjoyed the heat and appreciated that it was not overly done, enabling us to appreciate the many flavours in this dish. Rice or naan are perfect accompaniments with these curries.

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Coconut Fish Curry
Kadai Chicken (RM14.80++) was delicious pieces of boneless chicken cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. Again, the blend of spices, onions and tomatoes make this a great curry. The flavour of this recipe sets it apart from traditional chicken curries we’ve tried in Kuala Lumpur. Chicken Kada Masala (RM16++) was a dish of tender pieces of boneless chicken, cooked with whole spices, onions, green peppers and tomatoes that left us wanting more! The spices are more subtle, and it’s great with warm naan.

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Chicken Kada Masala
The Naan (RM4 - 6++) at Trilogy is a bit different from the regular type offered in other North Indian restaurants around the city. Its elongated oval shape is toasted until it just begins to take on a golden glow. Cooked in the tandoor oven and not too greasy, it’s topped with sesame seeds before serving.

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Khandari Naan
Biryani (RM14.90 -16.90++) is a unique rice dish that can have a mutton or chicken base. The meat is marinated in spices, saffron and yogurt for a few hours. Then it is layered with soaked rice and cooked over low heat until the flavour of the meat and spices infuse the rice. The result is tender meat and flavoursome rice mixed together. The accompanying curry sauce and raita (fresh cucumber, tomatoes, onion and yogurt) greatly enhance the dish. 

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Mutton Biryani
Vegetarian Meals

Trilogy offers an extensive range of Pakistani and western vegetarian food. We tasted a few that we were very impressed with.

Okra and Eggplant Curry (RM14++) was our favourite! Besides being an unusual combination of vegetables, the delicate blend of spices made it a curry we wanted more of. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and garnished with fresh coriander. Delectable!

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
 Bendhi Bengan Shabji
Palak Paneer (RM15.00++) is a dish that can be ordered again and again. Generous pieces of paneer are sauteed and seeped in a thick, rich sauce of spinach and spices. Again, Trilogy showcased their uniqueness as they make their own paneer with fresh buffalo milk. Although this dish is seen often on menus in Indian restaurants, this is a vegetarian’s delight! 

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Palak Paneer
Tadka Dal (RM9.00++) is a delicious accompaniment with almost any dish, or also enjoyed by itself! Lentils are simmered with spices until soft and creamy, giving it a unique flavour. This has to be one of the best comfort foods of the east! 

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Tadka Dal
Western Dishes

The menu offers great choice for diners who may want a combination of spicy and western food! The Farmhouse Pizza (RM19.90++) has a thin crust, topped generously with mushroom, turkey ham, onion and mozzarella. Apparently this one often gets repeat orders.

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Farmhouse Pizza
Mushroom Bruschetta (RM15.00++) is an ideal starter, light meal or appetizer with drinks. Lightly toasted bread, sauteed mushrooms and grilled cheese blend to give a satisfying mouthful.

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Mushroom Bruschetta
The Cafe de Swiss (RM48.00++) consists of succulent slices of Australian tenderloin, creamy mash, garlic broccoli (or other seasonal fresh vegetables), served with a delectable sauce that includes 13 herbs. This sauce was created over 20 years ago by Sunitha’s grandmother and the recipe remains a family secret! The dish is a very generous portion and can easily be shared. 

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Cafe de Swiss with Australian Tenderloin

Kesar Kulfi (RM9.00++) is a saffron infused Indian ice-cream, made on-site and presented in beautiful, miniature clay pots! A spoonful of kulfi in the mouth is an indulgence of cream, saffron and sliced almonds. Just delicious!

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Kesar Kulfi
Gajar Ka Halwa (RM9.00++) is a dessert made with grated carrots cooked for hours in milk and butter, flavoured with cardamom and garnished with sliced almonds - that says it all! Authentic and decadent!

Trilogy, Pakistani, Kuala Lumpur
Gajar Ka Halwa
The taste and flavours of the Pakistani food are the closest you will get to home cooked cuisine! I was amazed that each dish had distinctly different flavours - something that’s easy to overlook when preparing for a crowd.

Reasons to visit: Barbecue Platter, Dagar Mutton Kebabs, Fish Tikka, Okra and Eggplant Curry, Cafe de Swiss, Kesar Kulfi, and the longest Happy Hour in town!

Trilogy - Hostel, Restaurant and Bar
50 Jalan Raja Abdullah
Kampung Baru 
Kuala Lumpur
+60-3-2602 3411
+60-12-277 7677

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Dining in the Dark KL, Kuala Lumpur

blind dining kuala lumpur
Dining in the Dark KL

Dining the Dark KL

Words by Patricia Podorsek
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)

“Eating in the dark? No thanks.”
“Oh, no. I like to see what I’m eating.”
“Not interested.”

Along with a polite smile and a nod, these are the typical reactions I’ve received from people when I tell them about Dining in the Dark. “Why would you want to do that?” they ask.

The experience is certainly like nothing you’ve ever done before. And when they say “in the dark”, they mean, IN THE DARK. For the 90 minutes or so once you enter the dining room, you literally cannot see your hand in front of your face. You keep waiting for your eyes to adjust, but they never do.

The adventure begins in full light. A climb up the stairs near Opium on Changkat Bukit Bintang is rewarded with a chilled glass of fresh juice. Like most of the menu items, the ingredients of the drink change monthly. Ours was a delightful combination of citrus and passion fruit. A cocktail would be a nice addition to this introduction as well.

dining in the dark kl
Welcome Mocktail 
The host invites you to play warm-up games while you sip your drink, meant to enhance your reliance on using other senses to compensate for your imminent loss of sight. Friends take turns with the blindfold, first listening to different shakers, trying to determine the contents of a can. The second game enhances your sense of touch by asking you to sift through grains of rice looking for paper clips. This is much harder than it sounds. Finally, a third game requires communication from the seeing partner to the blindfolded one, taking her through the verbal steps of reconstructing a three-dimensional puzzle.

dining in the dark kl
Lounge Area
Dining in the Dark kl
Sensory Warm Up Games
Once everyone is warmed up and ready for adventure, a “darkness expert” arrives to lead you into the dining room. All the servers are blind or visually impaired and their sensitivity guides you into the darkness through a maze of curtains by forming a hands-to-shoulder train.

Small lockers are available for personal items, as no light sources are allowed in the dining room. This means no hand phones, no glow-in-the-dark watches, no tablets, no cigarette lighters. Nothing that might disturb the obscurity of the experience.

dining in the dark kl
The Entrance - Gateway to a Unique Experience
Heading in, I found myself full of nervous giggles but thankfully our cheerful server, Thong, kept the conversation light and provided a sense of comfort as he led us to the table and helped everyone get seated. With verbal commands, he showed us how to find the edge of the table, the back of the chair, the plates and the cutlery. Feeling braver, I accepted his offer to pour my own water, and found that I could hear when it was nearly full without having to stick my fingers in the glass. Monica was happy for that! More importantly, he told us how to find our wine glasses without knocking them over, and I was happy to have a little something to help me relax.

The classic menu runs RM 118+ for a four-course meal, RM 168+ with wine pairing. With the appetizers, we enjoyed the 2013 Thierry and Guy Fat Bastard, a French Chardonnay. By the time the mains arrived, we had switched over to a 2009 California Cabernet Sauvignon bottled under Mondavi’s Woodbridge label. Both were excellent companions to the food and very helpful in keeping our discomfort at bay.

It’s strange to sit with friends in complete darkness! At first, our chatter signaled our uneasiness, but as we settled in to the comfortable ritual of food, drinks, and conversation, the darkness created a cloak of intimacy around our voices, which became anchor points in the sea of blackness. We grew surprisingly relaxed with it all.

I’m not going to say too much about the food, as the Dining in the Dark teams stresses the “surprise” element of the menu. This is one of the aspects that can really freak people out, especially those who are less adventurous about trying new foods. But rest assured that careful consideration goes into the tasty combination of Western fare and Asian fusion, and there was very little that I didn’t enjoy or find well-prepared.  In fact, the puzzler in me loved the guessing game with each bite. “Mmmm…I think it’s chicken…with…mushrooms…and fresh thyme…or is it rosemary? Oh, and garlic. Definitely fresh garlic on the croutons.”

The food arrives in four courses, with multiple dishes in each course. As Thong set the plates in front of us, he instructed us about how to find the small embedded bowls each containing a different dish. By advising us to start in one place and work anti-clockwise, we could all sample the same items at the same time. “Oh, it’s salad…with pieces of watermelon…oh, and feta cheese…and maybe something citrus. Mandarins?” The entire meal supplies small portions of four appetizers, two soups, three mains, and five desserts, for a total of FOURTEEN different recipes to puzzle your way through. Between the smells and the guessing, my brain was on fire.

The Classic Menu contains items with halal meat and seafood, but substitutions are available to accommodate vegetarians, allergies, and other restricted diets. The innovative chefs change the menu every month or so, which means repeat customers get a new culinary puzzle with each visit.

Dining in the Dark is open daily from 6:00 pm with the last seating at 9:30 pm. They hope to be open for lunch in the coming months. Book and prepay online to get 16% discount.

dining in the dark kl
The Bar - a good spot for post experience discussion
Reasons to visit: A culinary experience that will set your brain on fire by enhancing the other four senses and igniting the food fun in all of us.

Dining in the Dark KL
50A Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 2110 0431 / +603 2110 3099

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Recipe for Fahrenheit 600's Signature Avocado Paste

publika, recipe, brunch
Fahrenheit 600's Signature Avocado Paste

Fahrenheit 600's Signature Avocado Paste


4 avocados
1 lemon
1 jalapeno
Pinch of kosher salt 
Pinch freshly ground black pepper
2 Tablespoons olive oil
2 Tablespoons chopped dill
2 Tablespoons chopped parsley


Put all the ingredients in a blender.
Begin blending on a low setting and gradually increase the speed, ending on high for about 20 seconds.
Taste the sauce and adjust the flavour by adding more seasoning or lemon juice.
Pour the sauce through a strainer into a small bowl.
Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.
Bon Appetit!

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FiftySix Degrees Whisky, Kuala Lumpur

FixtySix Degrees Bottle and Glass Set

FiftySix Degrees Whisky in Malaysia

Words by Caning Jaramillo
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)

Having myself a real passion for trying new spirits, I'm always enthused when we receive an invitation for a new tasting. This round we were able to sample FiftySix Degrees Whisky, and what's even more compelling than the chance to further widen our palates, is the news that the mastermind behind this golden drink is Malaysia’s first female whisky blender and entrepreneur, Kristine Goh. 

“Inspired by a sense of adventure, and born out of fire, malt, water and the indomitable spirit of the Scottish Highlands, FiftySix Degrees is a super smooth and rich new-age blend comprising of specially selected single malts and single grain whisky, aged in hand-picked American bourbon oak casks and finished in sherry casks.”

FiftySix Degrees Scotch Whisky Served Neat
FiftySix Degrees has a 40% alcohol base, and my first impression of this Scotch was very satisfying. Faint grapefruit and orange tickle the nose with a mildly sweet pleasant finish. Initially it's vibrant but smooth in the palate and ends with fruits mirroring the bouquet in a medium length ending. Mon prefers it neat, but I enjoy it best slightly chilled on the rocks. Actually, I think it's a perfect drink for Malaysia's warm climate. I find it light and easy drinking.

Having my first sip of FixtySix Degrees
FiftySix Degrees creator, Kristine Goh, believes her drink will appeal well to the Asian market, where a variety of ingredients in local dishes and sharing meals are important components of social culture. FiftySix Degrees gives both whisky aficionados and novices an agreeable option for  a communal experience.

Monica having also a good tasting
Another feature I found attractive in this newcomer is the bottle design. Incorporating "a sturdy rectangular base to represent the relevance of the whisky, masking tradition to the present, and a streamlined angularity to signify a broadening out towards the future," I consider the look stylish and contemporary.

FixtySix Degrees 

The name FiftySix Degrees was given after the latitude of the famous Scottish Highlands known for its rugged beauty, family history, and where magnificent malt whiskies are created. This whisky has been made thanks to the collaboration of the renowned independent Scotch Whisky company, Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd. Established in 1933.

For more information check out: www.56degreeswhisky.com

Interview with Chef Frederic Oger - Master Pastry Chef

chefs in kl
Chef Frederic Oger - Master Pastry Chef

Interview with Chef Frederic Oger - Master Pastry Chef

What's the best/ worst part of your job?
As a teacher, the best part of my job is sharing my passion of flavours and textures with students, and also sharing new sensations and creations with customers and students.
The worst part is the hours of accounting work.

What's your personal favorite meal and drink?
I love wagyu beef with pan-fried fois gras, rocket salad, broad beans, mash and veal jus. Pinot noir is my wine of choice.

What's one of the scariest things you've seen behind the scenes?
One of the scariest things I saw was in a restaurant where a commis put her finger 5mm in the dough sheeter.

A day in the life of a chef is...
Creating new flavours, exploring and developing dishes to surprise our customers.

What do you do for fun?
I enjoy discovering new restaurants and trekking.

What's your view on the Malaysian food scene?
Malaysia is a country where you have a lot of motivated chefs giving new levels of sophistication and faces to the pastry line in Malaysia.

What's in store for you in the upcoming months?
As owner of a new school, which covers both pastry study and consulting, I will be developing menus for future bakery cafes in KL, continuing to teach, and inventing new lines of pastries.

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Drift Dining and Bar, Modern Australian Cuisine, Kuala Lumpur

australian changkat
Drift Dining and Bar, Bukit Bintang

Drift Dining, Contemporary Australian Restaurant and Bar

Words by Kirsten Durward
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)

If you are seeking a ‘beyond tapas’ evening but feel like something looser than a formal dinner, if you are waned of saccharine drinks and sky bars, if you want to try something fresh and new, then I can only suggest that you head to Drift Dining and enjoy some of the best food and service that KL has to offer.  

Above the bar an impeccably dressed gent floats in a bath of bubbles. It’s a beautiful picture and encapsulates the driving concept of Drift Dining… ‘Let it go, fall in and float, let us take care of you.’ And oh - they do! Drift is the long-nurtured heart child of Australian Robert Gilliland. I can barely write fast enough to catch all the enthusiasm and energy that races from his lips. We instantly feel this is a passion, not a business. 

best restaurants in kl
Drift Bar
‘I want people to come in their flip flops or come in a tux, feel comfortable just how you are. It’s all the same here. I want people to get the idea, drift in, drift through a menu, drift through a drink, drift through a conversation.’ Robert has persuaded an impressive team of experienced Australians to set up with him. Donna, Drift’s sunny sommelier, interrupts his flow in straight forward Australian fashion. ‘Robert, they’re probably gasping for a drink.’ Thank you Donna. Astute observation. I like you already.  

drift dining
Cocktail Time
We begin with a Drift Jar. Brandy and Vodka infused with ginger and lemongrass, fresh mint and fruit added before serving. Oh you can keep your Sangrias and Planter’s Punch, THIS is the way to start an after work chillout. Fresh and light and full of flavour, we’re both sipping this with smiles. The Drift jar is priced at RM68 ++ and you easily get four full glasses to share from this. Bargain.

bukit bintang
Drift Jar
While waiting for the first dish we are given a quick tour. A quite sexy soundproofed private room can be opened on demand and booked with a DJ to raise the roof into the early hours. I have no doubt this will be a hit with the ‘in crowd.’ We also see the beginning of the next stage of Drift, soon to open; Ebb and Flow is a providore and lunch concept, featuring amongst other delights pork sandwiches and a range of fresh salads. If you work in the area, I’d wander down within the month and see what is happening there during the soft opening.

Two bursting Pork Sliders (RM12++ each) are now at the bar, demanding our attention. I’m not a fan of buns generally but this is a very light, slightly buttery brioche that melts in my mouth. The plentiful fronds of pork are emboldened by a crunchy coriander-dressed Asian slaw delighting with bundles of moist filling and subtle flavours.

Pork Sliders
Torched Salmon (RM24 ++) presents a delicate picture. Tumbles of cucumber and horseradish lie atop slender slices of succulent salmon, glistening in juices and very slightly torched. This dish is wonderful for those with a lighter palate. The vinaigrette is finely blended with only the faintest hint of heat.  

modern australian malaysia
Torched Salmon
Keeping the menu simple and light enables the visionaries at Drift to deliver an extremely high quality of freshly prepared food, but also allows for diners to share dishes as well as compose a full meal. ‘Deconstructed dining,’ Robert calls it. As he continues to wax lyrical we test out another couple of original cocktails.

Ahu Ahu, (RM32++) is a subtle blend of brandy, ginger, cucumber and lemon. It's resonant with the distinct tinge of ginger not overwhelming the strong liquor; a drink with a gentle kick that refreshes and stimulates at once. The concept with the drink is to infuse local ingredients into original creations and to pack a decent punch.

drift dining kl
Ahu Ahu
Crystal Mary, (RM34++) at first confuses me, until Donna reveals that the mix has been strained through muslin, enabling the flavourful essence of tomato to come out without the thickness found in a traditional Bloody Mary. Worcester and tabasco is enhanced by fresh horseradish, sherry and a secret Mexican spice. I love that they’ve brought the taste of a Puerta Vallarta holiday back to us here in Malaysia. In sum, the slightly fiery boost more than tickles my tongue before dinner, and would wake up the senses for an afterwork chat. Although Donna tells me it works any time of the day.  

drift dining
Crystal Mary
A starter portion of Pumpkin Ravioli (RM19++) glistens in front of me. I bite into to the dense house made al dente parcel and the sweet smoky centre fills my mouth with fun. Crumbles of tangy goats' fetta cut through the oozing butter sauce that crinkles with crispy sage: a boosting mouthful to accompany our aperitif.

Pumpkin Ravioli
We try small portions of the salads, just to taste, and are so glad that we did. Cherry Tomato Salad (RM25++) brings the savoury style to the tongue. Baby tomatoes burst with flavour among slender slices of onion adding texture and tiny bursts of dense flavoured olives. Radish shavings swirl through it all, and it shines with a balsamic glaze drizzled across the top.

drift dining
Salad Tasting Portion
Fennel Salad (RM19++) on the contrast is a light, fresh concoction. The crunchy fennel slithers beautifully balance with moist orange slices and crumbly walnuts in a mint lemon vinaigrette. Both salads are layered so lightly it is apparent that they’ve been constructed freshly on the plate. I’d happily exist for a while on a combination of these two mouthwatering delights. I ask, if on my own I could order half-half. The reply comes, ‘there is no cannot here.’  Fabulous… The salads shown are salads 1/3 of regular size as priced.

drift australian restaurant
Fennel Salad
Seared Haloumi with eggplant (RM29++) grabs Monica’s attention. I am not an eggplant fan, but I do my duty and I taste everything! And then I have to eat my eggplant hating words. It’s my favourite dish of the night (one I have to go back for!) The semi dried tomato tahini blended with aubergine is like nothing I have ever tasted. Emotionally it reminds me of plum pudding, that dense rich texture and taste. The combination with the bubbling haloumi is divine. Do not talk when this dish arrives, but eat it quickly before it cools to get the best of that crispy outer and stretchy salty inner. Yum scrum! 

Seared Haloumi with Eggplant
As readers will be aware, one of my perennial look- fors is a selection of wine by the glass. And Drift has a decent selection in each colour, well priced between RM19 - 36: something for every pocket. The ‘by the bottle list’ has a greater variety, again with a range of prices. We taste a glass of the Santa Ana Sauvignon Blanc 2014. This is a light and dry Argentinian offering: a very decent wine for the price point. 

Slow Braised Baby Pork Ribs (RM46++) have been slow cooked over 24 hours and it tells. Fronds of soft meat flake off the bone and unfold in my mouth with unbelievable smoky spicy tastes. The glistening outer is oozing Yakaniku sauce, not just sticky but caramelised and richly thick. As with all the dishes there is a fresh touch on top; red radish apple garnish with coriander hints tops off this generous plate.

drift bar
Slow Braised Baby Pork Ribs
Crushed Chat Potatoes are a revelation (RM25++). Tiny baby potatoes roasted in their skins pop soft sweet flesh into my mouth. Coated in a dry slightly tingly dukkah spice, the harissa aioli makes a soothing dipping sauce. Definitely a sharing dish though - we struggle with the bountiful portion. Thankfully Robert nabs a few. As we are eating I note the people drifting in and out: a couple at the bar with wine, friends sharing a weighty charcuterie board, girls on a cupcake cocktail. Everyone seems relaxed and vibrant in the ‘come as you are and take it as you find it’ atmosphere. We’re being talked into trying dessert. I’m full to popping but needs must prevail.

drift dining, changkat
Chat Potatoes
Cinnamon Spiced Spanish Doughnuts (RM24++) is a great interpretation of churros. Another dish to eat quickly, to best experience the crisp crunch into a fluffy centre. I like the offering of homemade strawberry jam. I come from a jammy doughnut country after all. We like the fruit conserve but both sink into the thin viscous dulce de leche. Monica ends up spooning it direct from the dish. And she’s so slim! Life is unfair ;-) 

drift modern australian restaurant changkat bukit bintang
Cinnamon Spiced Spanish Doughnuts 
We are treated to a shot of fragrant homemade Pomelo Cello. The sweet taste lingers on my tongue as we bid fond farewells, soon to return, oh very soon! This has been a wonderful treat.

australian restaurant and bar kl
Pomelo Cello
All four partners we meet impress us with their expertise, sincerity and passion for what they are doing. Donna, Rick, Robert and Angus are experienced denizens of the Australian and international F & B industry and they are certainly going to shake things up a little in the city, pushing the boundaries of the food and drink experience in the area. The Drift concept may be laid back but make no mistake, these are serious people with a serious love of food and drink who promise us ‘you should never come and not receive the same quality… you don’t have to love every dish, just believe in why we do it…’  They wanted to bring the execution of a modern Australian restaurant but what I feel is the energy, and what I taste is the passion.

Honestly readers, I loved this place so much that when dear friends came in from out of town, I could think of nowhere I would rather take them. I was hankering for another taste of that aubergine pate. I started this time with Donna’s newly created ‘Drift 2’, a palate freshening blend of rum and guava. A delightful opening to an evening that continued to unfold in what my friend called ‘the most perfect way.’ She’s not impressed often, but we’ve had our share of ‘food bliss’ moments together. I counted five that night. I also discovered my perfect martini in KL. If, like me, you like them dry, and are not afraid to try something different with just a hint of spice, I encourage you to try the golden tones of Rick’s imagination in his Sahara Martini. I can only say, ‘I’m truly grateful’.

Reasons to visit: (too many dishes to list individually) a taste of Australia in the heart of KL; deliciously original, freshly prepared food; friendly professional service; great drinks.

Drift Dining and Bar
Ground Floor Bidara Condo
38 Jalan Bedara
Off Jalan Nagasari 
Directly Behind Hotel Istana
Bukit Bintang
Email: info@driftdining.com
+60321102079 after 2pm

Opening Hours
5:00 pm til late Mon - Sat
Kitchen opens 6:30 pm
Parking is available in an adjacent basement for the reasonable cost of RM10