Friday, 10 April 2015

Best Cocktail Bars, Kuala Lumpur

It's no secret that The Yum List team delight is a well-balanced cocktail or two. As such, we've had the pleasure of visiting quite a few fabulous bars in KL this year. So, before the year gets away from us, here's a round up of our favourites for the first quarter of 2015 in our list of:

Best Cocktail Bars in Kuala Lumpur

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The Bar - The sleek interior and green outlook of this bar in Empire Damansara is immediately calming. Helming the bar, mixologist Osamu Kinugawa from Japan is a master of his trade. Lovers of masterfully executed cocktails and beautiful settings must put this bar at the top of their list for a visit.

Empire Damansara
The Bar

Ril's Bar  - Expert bartenders are constantly inventing their own perfectly balanced formulas. Check out the special's menu for their ever-changing concoctions. The guys here are true masters in their field.

cocktail bar
Ril's Bangsar

View Rooftop Bar - There are a number of cocktails we have a fancy for in this sky high bar, but a don't miss is the Scandalous.

bars kl
View Rooftop Bar

Blue Elephant - Cinema inspired creations, in a hidden speakeasy style location.

speakeasies kl
Blue Elephant

Torii Whisky Bar - There are some well made cocktails too!

best bars kl
Torii Whisky Bar

Marini's on 57 - The only thing the cocktails have to compete with are the views.

cocktail bars kl
Marini's on 57

The Smoke House - There's nothing like the classics - our personal favourite is the Brandy Crusta.

majestic hotel kl
The Smokehouse

Ciccio - Old school Italian fabulousness - can't beat a well made Negroni.

cocktail bars kl

Drift Dining and Bar - New kid on the block with a 'no rules' contemporary Australian atmosphere - we're especially fond of their "jars."

cocktail bars kl
Drift Dining and Bar

Where is your favourite spot to savour a cocktail or three?


  1. I don't drink alcohol, but the ambiance here looks very nice and I love the way they display and serve their drinks. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. You must be really thirsty to drink all these :P

  3. They all look lovely....I bet they did taste good too..

  4. Yes, please take me to the Rooftop!

  5. Such beautiful items to choose from. That first one has me thinking. Hmmm. what could be in it?

  6. I'm always intrigued by the bartenders behind these creative cocktails! xoxo