Sunday, 12 April 2015

Granizado Cocktail Recipe, Ohla Cocktails and Bar, Kuala Lumpur

OHLA tapas and cocktails
Granizado - Spanish Alcoholic Slushie

Cocktail Recipe for Granizado - Spanish Slushie - Courtesy of OHLA Tapas and Cocktails, KL

This cocktail was created for Chinese New Year this year when our sommelier, Gustavo, found out that this year’s lucky colour for those who celebrate the festival is green. He experimented to incorporate the colour green using green tea syrup. 

Granizado means slushie in Spanish, and the crushed ice consistency is perfect for this hot season. It’s refreshing and aromatic, and garnished with a pretty physalis.


White rum (30 ml)
Pomegranate liqueur (15 ml)
Green tea syrup (15 ml)
Mint syrup (7 ml)
Rose´s Lime (15 ml) 
Orange juice (30 ml)
Ice cubes


Combine all ingredients except physalis in a blender and blend for about eight seconds. 
Pour into a cognac glass and garnish with physalis.