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Best Breakfasts on the Coffs Coast, NSW, Australia

Fluffy Pancakes and a Great Spot for Kids to Play at Beachstone Cafe

We do love a our brekkie at The Yum List, so in a recent hop through the beautiful Coffs Coast we spent a good deal of time tracking down menus, sipping hot beverages and indulging in a bellyful of morning delights. After some serious food hunting and tasting, here's what we found:

Best Breakfast on the Coffs Coast

The Purple Carrot, (while not technically on the Coffs Coast, but near enough) in Bellingen won hands down for a favourable position with our taste buds. We enjoyed a slightly off-the-beaten path menu, which was matched with good coffee and friendly service. Creamy Pesto Mushrooms came up a clear crowd pleaser, with the the Spinach Mushroom and Feta Omelette a close second. I also enjoyed the Smoked Local Trout atop potato rosti with avocado and rocket. If you eat one breakfast in the area, make it here.

The Purple Carrot - Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Omelette
The Purple Carrot - Creamy Pesto Mushrooms

The Purple Carrot - Smoked Trout on Potato Rosti

Most Interesting Breakfast Menu

O.P. 81 offered a refreshing change to most breakfast menus we reviewed on this trip. Yes, eggs, bacon and toast are all part of the offerings, but they're prepared with creative flair, furnishing gastronomes with much scrumptiousness to contemplate. The Mean Green and Breakfast Risotto were two such loves we found here. My only regret is not having enough time to return to sample the rest of the line-up.

O.P. 81 - Breakfast Risotto
O.P. 81 - Mean Green

Best All Round Breakfast

The Surf Club at Park Beach ticks a number of boxes: pretty beach views, varied and delicious breakfasts, and generous portions. I have a number of favourites here including the Vego Breakfast and Corn Fritters, but my all time dream remains the Sticky Date Pancakes.

Surf Club - Corn fritters

Best Quick Brekkies

Desires for something light and quick can be fulfilled at the artisan bakery K'Pane, and too at the Coffs Coast Growers Market. Mouthwatering pastries, sourdough breads and some very well-reputed meat pies are must orders in the former. The latter offers shoppers a chance to stock up on fresh local produce and grab a bite and a coffee while at it. We love the Artisti coffee, gorgeous rustic loaves from Hearthfire, and yummy home baked treats from the Mum's Home Cooking stand.

K'Pane - Cinnamon Danish
Coffs Coast Growers Market
Hearthfire Macadamia Fruit Loaf

Best Kid Friendly Location for Breakfast

With a young niece and nephew who act as my shadows on most return visits to Australia, finding child-friendly cafes is a big deal, and for this reason we've visited Beachstone Cafe on more than one occasion. School holidays and weekends see cars overflowing the carpark with a line well up the street. The lovely green playground here, and top-notch cafe where adults can supervise while uptaking their caffeine intake for the day, are significant attractions.

Beachstone Cafe - House made muesli

Best Good Feeling Breakfast

There's nothing not to like about The Happy Frog. A rich sense of community, local organic produce, healthy and delicious meals and friendly staff. We all felt like happy frogs after spending a little time in this cafe. Try a hot chocolate made with cacao powder and rice milk. Yummy dense slices of Macadamia Fruit Loaf are hits too.

The Happy Frog

Best Coffee on the Coffs Coast

Coffee is an essential part of a positive start to the day for us Yum Listers, so it's something that's always on a brekkie order. Highly caffeinated after searching down the best brew, two spots consistently came up tops: Artisti in downtown Coffs and Split Espresso, Sawtell. Artisti roast their own beans and have a variety of hand pours available as well for the truconnoisseur. Split Espresso use Allpress beans and have some mighty delicious biscuits from gourmet bakers Whisk and Pin from the Blue Mountains to pair with your favourite cuppa. 

Artisti - Cappuccino
Split Espresso - Muesli Cookie (scrumptious)
Split Espresso

Most Recommended Breakfast by Online Reviews

We're not fond of wasting time, money or tummy space on average or less food, so do our best to get personal local recommendations but also check out what social media is saying online too. Cafe Aqua came up again and again with good endorsement. Located across the road from Park Beach Bowling Club they seem to have a steady stream of visitors. Pictured below is my Vego Breakfast with house baked beans, haloumi cheese, avocado, spinach and a choice of eggs, in this case poached.

Aqua Cafe - Vego breakfast

Breakfast with the Best Views

Surf St. Cafe in Emerald Beach actually came top for two reasons on this trip: refreshing beach views and pretty plating. Zucchini Fritters, Eggs Benedict and French Toast with Apple and Rhubarb Compote all got yummy thumbs up.

Surf St. Cafe
Surf St. Cafe - Zucchini Fritters

Best Value for Money Breakfasts

Some of the best value brekkies we found on the Coffs Coast were at Morfish Cafe in Park Beach Plaza and La Piazza, at the Homebase Coffs Harbour. Total bills for a breakfast with a hot beverage ran a good few dollars less than most other comparable locations. Those savings soon add up, and when the meals and portions are just as delicious, these cafes offer excellent bang for your buck. And, as a double thumbs up, Morfish Cafe is mum and dad's all-round pick, so I'm not arguing with that.

La Piazza  - Open omelette 
Morfish - Sourdough with smashed avocado salsa and poached eggs

I'd love to know your favourite spots for a delicious start to the day on the Coffs Coast. In the meantime, I leave you with a few snaps of this beautiful area.

Gallows - A Popular Spot for Surfers
Boambee Beach
An Inlet Off Sawtell Beach
Boambee Creek Reserve
Coffs Jetty
Bonville Golf Course
Bellingen Golf Course
On the Road to Bellingen
Bellinger River
Bellinger River 
Walkway to the Beach
North Beach 
Emerald Beach 
Emerald Beach

 Beautiful Coffs...


  1. Streuth!!! You have done this part of the Central NSW Coast proud!
    Brings back youthful memories when we lived out west of the property in the
    late 40's and the 50's. That horror trip from the New England (Armidale) region - the
    Dorrigo Pass to the coast - way back then really a goat track!!!
    Bellingen was a favourite summer holiday place.
    Then we built a beach house at Sawtell!!!
    It was in this area that I developed my love of oysters.
    The meals as shown really look most appetising.
    I haven't been back there for years - this could entice a
    return visit.
    I doubt if there would be very many on the beach with this
    continuing cold snap - if so they have penguin blood in their veins !! ha ha.

    I was in "Coffs" a few years ago - never did like that place,
    but stupidly forgot to visit the old holiday stamping grounds.
    Cheers and now back to my coffee warming drink.

    1. That Dorrigo Pass makes me travel sick every time - I've never been a good back seat driver. There really are some beautiful places along this stretch of coast. I love the focus on local produce too in most of the cafes. Ooh... we visited the oyster man too - I wonder if it's the same bloke you used to visit?

    2. Oyster man: No I don't think so - but it was ages ago.
      Dad used to pride himself getting them straight off the rocks - Urunga rings a bell.
      I don't think anyone recalls with any glee that bloody Dorrigo Pass road.
      People with a death wish - maybe?????
      Meeting a lumber truck was no fun whatsoever. We were all ordered out of the car
      whilst the passing was made - it was a long drop into the gorge, eh?
      Suitable only really for horsemen/women to travel on - ha ha.
      A bit warmer today - thank God the winds have gone.

  2. Such nice, lovely views! Nice eggs, all but breakfast abroad, I'd go for the big one or anything with ham, bacon or sausages. Ah!!! I see one!

    1. Brekkie with a view - certainly a welcome condiment ;-)

  3. Cafe Aqua is my favourite place, closely followed by the Creekside Cafe at Dolphin Marine Magic then Urban Espresso Lounge in Harbour Drive. All three have the best breakfasts in Coffs Harbour

    1. Joe, Thanks for your tips. Shall have to check out the other two on a return visit. I did make it to Urban Espresso but was too late for food - only had time for a coffee. Their corn fritters sounded enticing though.

  4. I really love all your posts, but this is one of my favourites, and here is why! Firstly, it is from a different part of the world from where you usually post about, (Australia) and you are also sharing photos of the views of the area, which I find are beautiful and amazing! The dishes here look amazing, the poached eggs...I love poached eggs, and the open omelet, I am getting hungry! Thank you for all your posts, and this one is huge on my list of favourite posts by you. :)

    1. Linda, what a lovely comment. You've made my day. I'm very happy to share some posts from my home country. Thanks for the encouragement. :-)

  5. By the way, seeing this post has given me the urge to explore your blog more and to check out all the countries you have visited! I don't know how long it has been since I have been following your blog, but I think it may be less than two years, so I am now going to take a world tour here. Thank you! :)

    1. Thanks Linda. I hope you enjoy the "trip." ;-)

  6. spectacular food accompanied by spectacular sights ... this is such a vivid, vibrant enticement to visit Coffs Coast! :D

    1. Yummy food matched with beautiful surrounds - pretty hard to beat I'd say. ;-)

  7. How wonderful, Australia!
    Love the look of the food, yes coming up what to eat this evening.
    Beautiful sea, great thing is I've seen in person :).

    1. No matter how far I travel, there's still no place quite like home :-)

  8. Ahhhh, breakfast out and such wonderful selections! And the pictures of the coastline are wonderful. I'll try to remember to capture some pictures of what I'm eating in Maine...hopefully lots of Lobster!

    1. Oooh yes Linda, I'd like to see a pic of your Maine lobster dinner!

  9. Oh my, so many yummy breakfast and with those views of the beach are just fantastic. WOW! Great post, thanks for sharing. Have a happy new week!

    1. Thanks Eileen. A good walk along those beaches before breakfast does great things for the appetite.

  10. I just had my dinner but you're me so hungry again.
    He he... How can you have risotto for breakfast? So early?
    Hey, but we have nasi lemak for breakfast too. Why not?!
    Oh Australia is so lovely. :)

    1. Brekkie risotto - similar to creamed rice - just a little more lush. ;-)

  11. As usual after reading one of your posts, I'm salivating!! Haven't been to the Coffs Coast for AGES, but I know where I'll be heading when next I do!!

  12. I wished that in Geneva we had such a place (Surf club)...I'm starving now!!! I ADORE all your posts but this one is among my favorites, these pictures from Australia are amazing ;-) they make me want to be there.
    Anita from Geneva