Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Journey Through Time, Shook!, Starhill Gallery

Shook!, Starhill Gallery

Words by Kirsten Durward,  Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)

An evening at Feast Village is always a pleasure, no matter which outlet you are enjoying. Gliding down the escalator in the grand atrium of Starhill Gallery towards what must surely be one of the most elegant combination of restaurants and bars in the world, you feel quite lifted out of time and space as you take in the discreet lighting, twisting corridors, and smorgasbord of food choices, all with a background of delightful jazzy music, often live. 

Shook! is known in KL for quality of ingredients, freshness of preparation and unusually delightful taste sensations and my mouth is already watering at the description of some of tonight’s dishes.The menu has been specifically developed to complement Asia’s premier watch and jewellery showcase ‘A Journey Through Time’, the 9th edition of which will be hosted at Starhill Gallery from 20th - 27th November 2015. We are excited to taste the creations devised by Feast’s new Executive Chef Richard Sawyer. Richard bears an impressive pedigree having 26 years of cheffing experience across three continents, including two Michelin star restaurants.

Diners can choose from four dishes at each stage of the menu, but we are blessed to try two appetisers and two mains apiece. With kind attention to our waistlines and food enjoyment, we are offered tasting portions and this is reflected in the photography. You can expect to see a lot more of these delectable morsels on your plate when you visit.

A tender just seared Maine Scallop (RM 68+) rests on a soft cauliflower mousseline that bursts with a surprising robust infusion of saffron. A dollop of fresh zesty tomato salsa and a light watercress salad with a hazelnut vinaigrette completes this elegantly composed dish.


A strip of colour emblazoned on the plate proves to be a delightfully smooth Beetroot Cured Salmon (RM58 +). It’s a beautiful combination, a little sweet boost of orange contrasting with the crunch of toasted fennel seed, the smoothness of the dill Crème Fraiche boosted by a zing of lemon zest.


I can hardly bear to cut into the Roasted Australian Lamb Loin (RM168+) as the plating is so beautifully composed. Like a colourful Picasso full of circles and lines, delicate mushrooms are artfully draped alongside thick pieces of asparagus. The carefully constructed eye-catching circlet proves to be a cleverly crunchy confection of grilled latticed Parmesan. The lamb is delectably soft, with a soft smear of rosemary edamame puree, enhanced by a balsamic fig glaze, which also drizzles in to the tiny baked stuffed tomato. I’ve never tasted anything quite like this sweetly savoury, cheese moussey morsel that oozes flavour as it melts in my mouth. I could wish for more of those. 


I just love risotto and this herbed one is delicious; fat arboreal rice, loaded with cheese and scattered with pungent Australian mussels, giving an extra flavour enhancement. I am so glad we are only tasting half sized portions or I might not be able to do everything justice. We compare notes on the Baked Fillet of Cod (RM138+), not an easy fish to cook. This one flakes lightly off the fork and is moist and juicy with a lovely crisp outer crunch, perfect for soaking up the plentiful light saffron cream.


Dessert can be ordered from many delicious choices on the regular menu. Our sumptuous Red Velvet dessert featured here is only available in the gala dinner; an invitation only event. But I’m sorry, this is just such an artistic dish and the photos are so beautiful that we that we cannot resist tantalising you. Perhaps at some future event, Chef Richard will treat diners at Shook! to this decadent delight. It surely showcases a great range of talent in the patisserie chef. Red velvet sponge is lifted by a topping of morello cherry mousse and a drizzle of beetroot whipped foam. Freeze dry strawberry tiles mix with slithers of slender meringue, tangling prettily with rose syrup jelly and cleverly filled fresh raspberries. But my favourite part of this intricate concoction is the raspberry curd so smooth and rich and crispy dehydrated strawberry that pop tantalisingly between my teeth. 

Red Velvet

This is definitively a spectacular tasting menu for foodies who are discerning and looking for a high quality combination of design, textures and flavours. And Shook! is well known for its excellent wine provisioning, so many an interesting pairing could be put together with these delightful dishes.

Reason to visit:  Specially curated menu; delicious and visually pleasing one off dishes. 

Feast Village, Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2782 3848


  1. Now, that is class, first class. A really elegant place.

    1. Sure is, and a great location for the upcoming Journey Through Time event that's happening at the end of the month.

  2. Adore Starhill Gallery...Shook is a name to remember...GRAND restaurant ;-))

    1. My favourite part of Starhill is the Feast Village (of course!), where all of the restaurants are. ;-)

    2. My favourite is the Spa floor ; -)) I tried a couple of restaurants and loved the food too!

  3. Class with a capital C.
    Magnificent looking and the food - I wouldn't know where to start.
    Love the fact that the food on the plates is so delicately put,
    not great amounts - only the best of the best.
    KL certainly has far more opulent fine food dining places than I
    El Colin Cordobes who is suffering severe stomach rumblings just looking!

    1. I would choose the lamb for you (which by they way is only a half portion in this photo).

    2. No - what is shown on the list of photos would be sufficient. I am not greedy - I would just sample and EAT all that is shown.
      Maybe a second helping of the dessert and then a skiing comp with Junior across the
      Straits of Malacca. You can drive (carefully) the speed boat but no BUBBLY!
      El Colin Cordobes

  4. Their food is Shiok!
    Their price must be Shock! ;)
    Ha ha.. they actually rhyme.

  5. What a gorgeous, elegant ambiance!!! And you had to show me the lamb and salmon! LOL!!! They look delectable! :)

    1. Linda, I think I could order for you by now. Salmon would always be my first pick for you, but the lamb would come closely behind. ;-)

    2. I really think you could order for me, dear Monica! I love your posts, thank you so much for sharing them. :)

  6. Eating here many years back (a treat from an ex-boss), I remembered my experience to be both exquisite and pleasurable! :) And that vibrant red dessert has all my favourite berries in it!