Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Diet for Getting Older and Staying Healthy

Eat the way you should have been eating when you were younger. Ok, so that might be a bit of a pithy answer, but it’s also true. As we get older our bodies tire of the constant liquid and solid abuse and start to let us know what’s not going to be acceptable anymore. Not only that, we stop absorbing calcium by the time we’re 30 and we start to age in a not quite so positive way from a physical point of view. It is, therefore, vital that we adjust our diets for long term good health; especially the older we get.

Eat Healthier
It is easy to make a good start. Simply go for a balanced diet with a varied approach. No need for any fad diets which often come with more health problems than solutions. Cut down on sugars, salt, and bad fats, though do not abandon them entirely, and increase fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and local, fresh, produce.

Develop Better Habits
Buying local feeds into some of the good habits for you to do at any age, but especially as you age. Cooking your own meals is perhaps one of the best life lessons to learn. You control what goes into the meal, therefore you can cut back on salt, fat, and sugar, but you can also reduce those random, hard to understand chemicals large companies pump into products to make them last longer and look the right colour. Also consider randomly trying new fruits and vegetables, drinking less soda, eating smaller portions, and drinking more water.

It’s Never Too Late
Once upon a time in the ever more distant past, I found myself teaching English in Asia. We entered a new academic year and one of my students who’d always been at the bottom of the pile suddenly realised that his last year in school counted, but he was terrible. However, knowing it was not his natural ability which was the issue, but his attitude, it was easy for me to say “it’s never too late to start trying,” and he tried, and his test scores started to rise. The same principle goes for diets too. Just like with quitting nicotine, it is never too late to adjust your diet and go for something healthier. Your body might need time to adjust, but it will thank you. That doesn’t mean you should leave it until your 80th birthday though!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Where To Find The Ultimate Pampering Experience in NYC

Going to a spa is a great way to start or finish off any weekend getaway, especially when your aim is to completely relax. In New York City, there are an endless amount of spas available at your fingertips, but which ones specifically stand out? You want to be pampered, deep relaxation, and most of all, you want something that no other spa has.

Caudalie Vinothérapie Spa

Located in the heart of NYC, this brand has spas located in France, Spain, Canada, Portugal, and even Turkey! The husband-wife duo that started Caudalie have a unique passion for grapes and their vineyard and their spas focus on vinotherapy. What is vinotherapy? Every therapy they offer is based on the benefits of grapes on skin, including their red vine baths and the wine maker's massage, which mimics the steps used when making wine across the whole body. Parts of the grape skin and seed have proven to have positive effects on renewing ageing skin and even improves blood circulation.

The Waldorf-Astoria Guerlain Spa

With 14,000 feet to spare, this spa has white everywhere to help you clear your mind. Between the silver ceramic tiled walls, the white marble flooring and an enormous sparkling chandelier at the front entrance, you will see the actual definition of "grandeur." The spa offers unique services for the weather and what your body needs as a result. If you're feeling cold, they offer a warm-up service for the winter weather, including a hot towel massage. If you're not looking to warm up, but would rather envision yourself in the Caribbean, opt for the Urban Island Escape for a tropical twist including a coconut honey body mask that is warmed up, a sugar glow scrub and even a rain shower rinse after a relaxing massage.

Aire Ancient Baths

You can already guess what this spa offers that others don't! Thermal baths take up the lower floor of this spa, all next to hot-stone and steam saunas. The baths vary from saltwater, multi-jet, cold and hot water so you can choose the ultimate experience. Looking for a little extra treatment? Their ultra-luxe treatment includes a bath with red wine and olive oil to moisturise your skin, followed by a facial, a four-hand massage and an hour in the thermal pools.

Bliss Spa

If you're a fan of the spa boutique experience, this spa is for you. It's unique in the way that it is a beautifully ornamented spa complete with luxurious treatments and high-end brands that you can buy while there, including the very best shea butter to rejuvenate and moisture your skin. Choose to include it in your massage for most beneficial moisturising effects, or bring it home to include as part of your daily routine. They also offer their well-known brand of products. If that wasn't enough, they offer Vichy showers, which has up to 7 shower heads that pour water like rainfall while you lay down and relax (and then finish up with that shea butter from when you get home, to keep your skin smooth and soft).

Cornelia Spa at the Surrey

Going to this spa feels as if you are coming home, with the added touch of luxury and relaxation. Spend the day at this spa and upon walking in, experience a complementary botanical tasting bar, as well as an herbal neck pillow that is heated to soothe muscles and a hand cloth infused with ginger and neroli, just to start. They offer massages customised to the needs of your body, as well as a caviar and oxygen quench facial. Stay long enough, and they offer a Champagne pour and access to their private roof garden at 5 pm.

What are your favourite New York spas? We'd love your recommendations so leave us a note below.